27 Aug 2007

Bad Blogger!!!

I don't know how I have managed to not blog for over two weeks!!

There hasn't been a lot going on at the moment with it still being so hot, but I have managed to do a few more pages for the All my own work class. The Pet Peeves one I used file folders to hid my lists as I am going to have the album on show at work when I have finished and do not want some of my customers to know just what I think of them.
The next prompt was Rewards and Pleasures and I got to play with some lovely new stock on this one. I am trying to do each layout in a slightly different style to give people ideas as to what they can do themselves.

I will have to get a move on and get the rest done as the last prompt was today and I still have about 3 to do.

10 Aug 2007

Bad Girls

I have just added the Bad Girls blinkie to my blog and cannot get it to blink!!!!! I have had this problem before and cannot remember how I changed it. Can anyone help please?

8 Aug 2007

Photo from local paper!!!!!!

OK so this is the photo that was in the local paper from the Harry Potter party, isn't it a bad photo? He took two as I thought I had pulled a face on the first one, so witch one did he use? the first one of course!!!

I just do not know where the time is going, I am not very busy at work but do not seem to be getting anything done. I am blaming it all on the weather. I did manage to get a small AC unit to cool the shop down, but of course the weather has changed again and it is just nice at the moment.

I have managed to finish the next layouts for Dolly's class but that is about all I have done, I will post it when I get the photo done.

1 Aug 2007

1st August

Well its the first of the month and this is supposed to be the hottest month of the year! We have had temperatures in the top 40s all ready so I really do not think it can get much higher. At the moment I am sitting here with the sweat dripping of my nose (not a pretty site) as we do not have air con in this building.

I just cannot get the motivation to do anything in this heat, I know it is just an excuse but it is true. I just hope some thing is done about the heat in here soon.