27 Apr 2011

WOYWW 99......

I am back home safe and sound from my trip back to the UK, just have to get back into the swing of things again now! I managed to do a little bit of shopping whilst I was there, got a few new stamps, (I still have not seen any of Tims stamps in the shops) and a load of paper. Then when I got back I had a full mailbox from the US.

I have never had as much post before for my birthday, it was amazing. The box at the front of my desk is full to bursting of all sorts of things, gems, ribbon, glitter foam and a lovely card. As you can see there are a few other cards on the desk, there are also a few envelopes I have left closed as they are full of die cuts and I don't want them to go everywhere, must find a container for them. So all in all I have been very spoilt over the last few weeks.
Now if you are wondering just why I am telling you all this and showing you my desk in all its messy glory just go over HERE and see Julia the mistress of all things Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,

15 Apr 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Just to let you all know I am still around.

I got a message from someone to say she did not like the pages she did me from the swap we are in, as it had a monkey on it, and as I have just spent the last few days in the place of my birth I thought I would post this for you all to enjoy.

I will be back to normal next week, I get home on Thursday.

Thanks for reading,

7 Apr 2011

What's not on my desk Thursday.....

OK so I totally missed this weeks WOYWW, but I had taken a photo so I will show you all that I can tidy up some times.

And this is how it will stay for the next few weeks as I am flying to UK tomorrow. I am hoping when I get back it will be covered again with lots of new stash......

Have fun whilst I am gone, I will try and get on here but Mum doesn't have the internet so I have to use the library computers while I stay with her, so it might be a while till I can post again.

Thanks for reading,

2 Apr 2011

Calender pages

I am so behind showing my calender pages this year, not sure why that is as I have kept up to date filling them in!
I will just show the last two pages but I think I am about two months behind.

Here is March filled in.

And this is April all ready to go.

That's all for now as I am trying to get everything finished and cleared up as I head of to the UK on Friday. Lets hope for good weather!

Thanks for reading,