27 Jul 2007

Latest pages

I have just finished the next two pages from Dolly's prompt. The first photo is my take on a typical day or week and the second is where I work. The journaling for this is on the tags in the middle, you can see the ribbon.

I have just looked at the next prompt and it suggests hidden journaling! Just done that on this one.

I am having a problem with the heat at the moment. It has got to 44 in the shade for a few days the last couple of weeks and it is starting to get me down. No one is coming into town because it is just too hot, so I am sat at work in the heat trying to work but everything is just too sticky.

I just cannot wait for the rain........

21 Jul 2007

Harry Potter!!!!

OK so how sad am I! waiting up to get the new book.

We were invited to a party at our local and only english bookshop for the last book. It was a good night, we won the prize for the best adult costume but you will have to wait to see the photos as we forgot to take our camera with us. The book was released at midnight in the UK but that meant we had to wait until 2:00am to get ours, so if you hear any funny noises its me asleep on the keyboard, But I did manage the first 12 pages while we were waiting for the taxi home.
I hope it lives up to the hype, but only time will tell.

19 Jul 2007

Happy Birthday Hal

Today is the birthday of the best man in the world, my husband Hal.
Happy Birthday darling.

16 Jul 2007

Help I have been tagged!!!!

I have just been tagged by Kate so now I have to think of 7 interesting things to say about myself. This could take a few days of thought so just keep a look out for the revelations.

I was going to leave this link here today for anyone interested in a few sneak peeks from this years CHA. Hope you enjoy it.

10 Jul 2007

All my own work

I have started doing Dolly's online class called All my own work. I am using a small 6x6 album for this class, as I have got one hanging around and all my layouts are a lot bigger than that.

I have enjoyed doing these first pages.

The one on the left is some of the brands I stock, the idea for the layout came from the All about me album I got sent from America.

The right side is just a tongue in cheek take on what I think about by work. I think the photos might be a bit big if you click on them as I am still not sure just how to do all of this.

I now have to write a job description! that should be fun. I will keep you posted as to how this comes along.

9 Jul 2007

Music Monday!

I keep seeing this all over on other peoples blogs and it has really grown on me to the extent that i find my self singing it in the shower!!!

If you want to know what it is go here.

2 Jul 2007

Scrapping again at last.

I have finally done another page. I just do not know what is wrong with me at the moment I have not done anything worthwhile for ages but hopefully that is coming to an end.

I love this range by Bo-Bunny and have been looking for the right photo to go with it. I have been thinking of doing a layout of my stepson's wedding but when I saw this photo I thought if I changed it to black and white it would work. There are a few things on there you cannot see properly as the photo is not the best.