28 Mar 2007

Getting to grips with this blog!

I am getting to grips with this blog.
I have just added a slider to show all my scrapbook photos! OK so I will now have to start taking photos of my pages. But that should be OK. The last two layouts I did I had framed and gave to my Mum for mothers day. I will just have to get the others done and onto this site. I am planing on doing one this week with some Bo Bunny stock we have just had in, and we are going to a ball this weekend so I will make sure I take my camera for that.

26 Mar 2007

First Folder

I did It!
I got my first folder done. I thought I would do a few folders, one for each different technique then keep them all together in a magazine rack. I have just been outside and photographed it, now I can see all the flaws. Its amazing how you finish something and then a few days later you look at it again and wish you had done part of it different. Or is that just me?

We had a quiet weekend just went out with friends for dinner on Saturday night and then stayed in all day Sunday. The sun was out so we just sat about in the courtyard topping up the tan. I got a bad case of the blues yesterday but as it was the 25th I don't think I did too bad.

I have decided to do a few more layouts for work this week, lets just see if I can get them done or not.

24 Mar 2007

Will It ever get done?

I still haven't started on my year book! I am not sure if I really want to do this now or not. I thought it sounded like a good idea before Christmas but now I am not sure. I sat down to start yet again yesterday and ended up making a tab book and a match book. At least I am getting something done.

I signed up to The Design Collective, they have some really great ideas and I am looking forward to starting there projects in a few weeks.

There is nothing much happening at the moment. It is cold and wet most of the time, and I am fed up wearing lots of layers. I just cannot wait for the summer.

21 Mar 2007

Apple pie and ice cream!

OK so today isn't a good day! I am sitting here eating apple pie and ice cream!!!

I have been looking through a lot of blogs I have found on other peoples sites, and feel quite inadequate now. I will no doubt find out how to add things to this blog as I go along, but at the moment it just looks so bare to me.

I have also not done any crafting for a few days now, I just do not seem to have any motivation at present. I look at what others are doing and think "I couldn't do that" I will have to get out of this slump or I will get nothing done at all.

Oh well back to the pie.

15 Mar 2007

What a week

Well where do I start!

Mum went back to England on Saturday, so we were up at 4am to get her to the airport on time for the flight. I then went back to bed for a few hours and Hal opened the shop for me, as we were going out that night. I went in to work at lunchtime and Hal came home to bed for a quick nap.

Sunday we just had a quiet day cleaning and getting things straight again as we hadn't had chance since I came out of hospital in January. The day ended we me falling flat on my face in the courtyard! luckily I didn't break anything, but my face is a bit of a mess.

On Tuesday I got a parcel from one of the new suppliers I met when I was at the show. The stock is a change from what I normally have so I hope it goes well.
All in all it has been a strange week, I think the fact that it started out hot and then has rained for the rest of the time has made everyone unsettled. That and the fact that I just don't seem to be able to settle down and start on my year scrapbook, we are in March already and I haven't even done January yet. I will just have to get down to it or I will not have any done by the time my birthday comes and that is the hole point of doing it.

7 Mar 2007


We had a great day on Sunday.

We went for a drive across the top coast of the island and I got my feet wet for the first time this year. We stopped for a coffee at a cafe just by the gate of a housing estate. Am I glad I don't live there, they were in the middle of a meeting. All we could hear was "you cant do this and you cant do that" just what we had left England to get away from, but it did give us all a good laugh.

The flowers are all just coming out at this time of year so the walks and road sides are so colourful.

1 Mar 2007

Im back!!

I had a great time in England at the trade show.

Arrived on the Thursday and saw both boys, it was great to see them even if it was only for a few hours. Traveled up to Birmingham on the Friday and had a great time shopping.

The show started on Sunday but there were a lot of us there on the Saturday to start on the workshops. I was one of the lucky ones as I had managed to get a ticket for Tim Holtz. I think we all enjoyed getting our hands dirty with the inks and dyes, I know I did. I got my photo taken with him and will download that later, I also got my photo done with Sara Naumann from Hot of the press.

I have my Mum with me at the moment so I don't seem to be back into my routine yet.