30 Mar 2011


Just a quick post today as I have to go out and want to get things done before I go. So here is today's photo.

As you can see I have not started on Aprils pages in my 365 day book. Aiso I have hid a lot of the bits I have been working on as they are to be sent to someone who sometimes looks at my blog. And I found these cut wood pieces in my local equivalent of a pound store, not too sure yet what I am going to do with them. I thought if I left them on the table I might get some inspiration. That's it for now if you would like to see more workspaces in varied degrees of tidiness just hop along to Julia the keeper of the list just HERE and have a browse.

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29 Mar 2011

Arachnophobia's please look away.....

One of the blogs I regularly read is Deezines Art and Jacqueline had a post about a spider the other day which got me thinking about the ones we get here every year. The first year we lived here I was a bit freaked out about them but they are just another thing you get used to living with, though I do object when they get into the house. I had a quick look through some old photos to see if I still had a picture of any and found two I thought you might like.

This is a small one that the cats killed, with the handle of my trowel next to it for size.

This is a bigger one on the wall next to the wardrobes in our bedroom! didn't sleep there that night... This one was about the size of my old man's hand, if not a little bigger. I just couldn't get him to put has hand next to it so I could take a photo!!! It was something I took a lot of photos of the first few years and just don't bother about now, isn't it strange how you just start to take things for granted and don't reach for the camera any more.

Hope I haven't freaked you out too much.

24 Mar 2011

The finished book

I have finished the book I was doing when you called yesterday. I could have made a better job but I don't have any of Tims metal alternation's and had to do with what I have. What do you think? 

I received my copy of Craft Stamper this week and just loved the altered book that is in there, so thought I would have a go. I then went blog hopping as you do and found this months challenge on The Altered Alice is doors, so here it is my attempt with the door open!

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23 Mar 2011


Late on parade again, my excuse this time is I spent the morning in the south shopping with the other half and a friend. All I came back with was some tissue paper and a load of dog food!!!! Anyway what is on my desk today?

I am not sure but I think I am developing a "thing" for boxes..... as you can see there is a large wood box on the table with another two inside, also a couple or round ones as well. The book I covered with gesso last night and I will start on that this afternoon. You can also see a stamp I picked up when I went to the craft shop with the girls on Friday and one of my crafters workshop masks, you might just be able to see the Tim mask I also got on Friday hidden under the wet wipes and receipt. The rest is just a mess that I am determined I will have cleared by this weekend!

So now you have seen mine, if you would like to see more go to the boss's blog where she has the link to them all, its just HERE

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22 Mar 2011

Can you tell what it is?

Was out at my local haberdashery shop yesterday and saw these!

Any ideas as to what they might be?

You have to cut them up to use them!

Yes that's right they are silk worm cocoons. They use them a lot here cut up and made into pictures. Just thought you would like to see them.

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16 Mar 2011

WOYWW 93 or what have you been up to!

I am late posting as I went on my painting course today with my mate. What a laugh that was watching the locals covering everything in site with glitter paint!!!!

So this is what we did. The first one we frosted glass then when dry we added glitter glue and gold  balls! not sure when that technique will be used again! the next was done on mirror glass using a stencil and crystal gel.  Again note the use of the glitter glue pen! Then the last one was one half done with decoupage and the other half with crackle glaze, it was like being in the 80s again. We did come away with a nice apron and the whole thing cost nothing so all in all it was a good days work.
If you want to see any other desks that are probably a lot more interesting than mine pop over and see Julia HERE and join in the fun.

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10 Mar 2011

Welcome to sunny Cyprus......

This is what greeted us this morning!

It's not often you see snow on the mountains out here.
Thanks to Hans for the photo, by the time I thought to take one it had gone.

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9 Mar 2011


Made it back at last but not sure how long for as blogger is still banned here...... So what is on my table this week? about the same as last but you never got to see last weeks!

The first thing you can see is a box of beer mats I acquired the other day! there are hundreds in there so if anyone would like some please let me know how many and your address and I will get some off to you. The rest is the boxes I have been working on, not sure about the green as its not a colour I would normally use but I will see how it goes. That's about it today if you would like to see a lot more desks go over and see Julia HERE and enjoy the ride.

I have just signed my mate and myself up on a painting course for next week which should be fun as it will be all in Turkish! wish us luck....

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3 Mar 2011

Blogger blocked in Turkey..........

I have had a very busy week so haven't had time to get on here, so today when I do want to start blogging again I find Blogger has been banned by Turkey again!!! What a great time to live in a country like this. I hope I can get back on again tomorrow and catch up with what every one has been doing and hopefully get some photos of what I have been up to on.

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