29 Apr 2010

Thanks and Sorry

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my last post. And sorry to anyone who tried to get me and couldn't. I had a mad moment with Blogger and somehow managed to erase most of my blog, so have spent the last few hours getting and installing a new template. Its still not right but will have to do for now so please bare with me.

Thanks for reading,

28 Apr 2010

WOYWW it's that time of week again....

Can sit down and have a good look around today, so expect a call and have the kettle ready.

What have I got on my desk today! The main thing is a clock I won in a raffle last week, it had a lot of seeds in it but as it gets so wet here in the winter some of them had gone green. I got a few funny looks when I chose that rather that chocs and wine but I could the potential. I have taken it apart and now it is ready to paint. On the other side of my desk is a packet of relief foil, I thought I would give it a go through the big shot as I have never done that before. That is about it today, I am still on the big tidy and finding loads of things as you do. I will let you see the room again next week.

Thanks for reading,

27 Apr 2010

Back to normal.........

Well that is another play over without any major disaster's, so time to put my feet up until the next one in November.......Wrong.......

I came here to relax and unwind from the rat race and I have ended up doing more here than I would of in the UK, well at least I don't get too bored. I have been getting some cards done in my spair time for one of the classes I do , I will have to get them scanned in to show you, and I am getting prepared for the summer classes I do with the kids starting in June when they finish school. I must get air con fitted in my craft room this year or we will all melt like last year.

I have been playing with my new toy when I have had the chance over the last few days, Hal bought me a Cricut for my birthday and I downloaded Sure cuts a lot to go with it. It is amazing how much talent there is out there, the things you can download for the Cricut is just staggering and a lot of it is free.

OK back to the grind I am suppose to be sorting this room out but I keep getting distracted by all sorts of things, see you all tomorrow for WOYWW and this week I should get round to reading and commenting on most of them unlike the last few weeks. There was 100 at last look last week.

Thanks for reading,

21 Apr 2010

WOYWW again..........

I think someone has been in and pinched some days this week, it can't be Wednesday already! I have only managed to clear my computer desk this week as it has been my birthday and I have had a mate stopping for a few days. I am amazed I have got that done. So here goes....

Now that to me is tidy, some of you will throw your hands up in horror but that is about as good as it gets for me. If I start to organize too much I can never find things again.

Sorry it has to be a quick one this week as I am up to my neck in things.

Thanks for reading,

16 Apr 2010

Thank You.

What an amazing few days I have had, I will blog about it all later with photos.
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday a special day to remember and a huge thanks to my OH for arranging it all with out me knowing. I will be back later when I have had time to get the photos of the camera.

And a big thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post, I have tried to get around as many as I can but I am sorry if I missed you. I will have more time next week, I promise ;)

Thanks for reading,

14 Apr 2010

WOYWW Room update

Thanks for all your support and you will be glad to know I have made a start on my craft room....

This is it so far.

As you can see there is a table under all that. I have moved the units of the wall as they were not that good for storage and just got full of junk and I have started to put things into boxes, next job will be to label them. Those of you with good eye sight will notice my new dies from the big T man.

I also got some new ink pads as well. They are all from The Artistic Stamper they had a free postage offer on over Easter so I just had to have them.

This is the view looking towards my computer desk

again I have got rid of a unit that was just collecting junk and I have a couple of paper racks I am going to stand there.
So it looks like coming on here and shaming myself has worked so far, I will keep you posted as to how I am getting on.

Thanks for reading,

9 Apr 2010

WOW you are all so kind......

Thank you all for coming to see my mess and for leaving such kind messages of support. It looks like I'm not the only one to have this sort of trouble in there craft room, but I have made a start on it so I will let you all know how it is progressing on Wednesday.

This is something I made through the week, I got the inspiration off one of the blogs I had been on, but now can't find which one! So if any of you have any idea please let me know as I would like to show her what I did and to acknowledge her on here.

I used some coloured texture paste I had bought locally over a Tattered Angel mask then a few new dies I had bought in UK and a bit of Tim at the bottom. I like it and I have just the place now I have cleared some of my walls.

Thanks for reading,

7 Apr 2010

Do not look if you are of a nervous disposition........

OK you have been warned......

I have decided that the only way I will get this place sorted out is to shame myself in to doing something about it so here goes....

This is the view I get when I open the door to my craft room.

This is the space I have left at my computer.

Now I will admit I had a class last night then had to go straight to the theatre, so I just dumped things on the table but its not far of this messy each week. I have emptied the paper rack as I am moving that but that is just about all I have done in weeks, so lets see what it will be like next week.........

Thanks for reading,

5 Apr 2010

365 Challenge photos

Just a quick post tonight to let you know I have finally got around to posting my March pages from the 365 Challenge. March is a funny month for me as It holds so many memories good and bad as my son was born in March a long long time ago and he also died in March 5 days later, so I never know quite what to make of this month. I think I was still thinking of March when I did my pages for April as they are a bit grim, but we will see what they turn out like.

Here are my March pages, I was away at my Mothers for two weeks so didn't do a lot this month.

Thanks for reading,

1 Apr 2010

Quick Post....

Just to let those of you that have emailed me wondering were I had got to and if I was OK. I have been to England for the last few weeks and have no access to a computer at my Mums. Also my Internet was not working for a few days before I went so I couldn't let you know where I was going.
Thank you for caring.
I am behind again on my challenge so will post that over the weekend I hope... I did manage to keep up to date with filling the dates in, just I have not got April's pages sorted yet.
I managed to get lots of goodies whilst away so I will try to get a few photos on here. One thing that did arrive whilst I was away was my winnings from Jenny at The Artistic Stamper, and in with the stamps I had chosen was the most delightful tag, I will try and get that on here as well.

Thats all I have time for for now.

Thanks for reading,