27 Aug 2010

Simon says Tim, Mojo says!!!!

I think my mojo has up and left! I love all things Timmy but can I think of one single thing to do for this weeks challenge NO I have had a few tags on my table for days now and I just can not get the right motivation at all so I thought I would resurrect something I did a few weeks back. Now to me this feels like cheating but I didn't want to not put something in for this week. I hope I can get something else done by Sunday.

To read about this go here.

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25 Aug 2010


So its that time of the week again, the time of week when we all get to have a nosey at everyone else's desks. Well you can tell not a lot has happened on mine this week other than being used as a dumping area. So what can we see? the box at the front is the box I keep my paints in that hasn't been put away! (its home is under the desk to the left of this one) then there are some tags to try and give me some inspiration for a challenge!that just isn't working. The superman packet has 10 sheets of coloured white core paper in, its sold in the local art shop for kids but its dirt cheap less than a pound so its great for die cutting. There is a copy of craft stamper waiting to be put away, also my box of collection elements.
 I have just seen the cat! I hadn't seen him when I took the photo. The rest is about the same as last week still waiting to go away. Just cant be bothered as its still too hot to do much.
If you are wondering just what I am talking about has a look over at Julia's blog the link is on the side.
I will try to get round to you all this week, didn't make it last week so will have to try better.

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20 Aug 2010

Simon says its all about Wendy....

So Wednesday was winners day over on Simon says and what winners they were....... You can go and see for yourself , the first one is Luthien, the next is Lynn and the final one was Donna, after seeing what these ladies made I'm not sure if I will ever be that good.
 The theme this week was chosen by Linda and is Wendy Vecchi studio 490 style. Well as I don't own a single thing of Wendy's I was a bit stumped, but as I carried on reading I realised it was about her style not her products so I went over to her blog and had a look. I have looked at her blog from time to time but I was always a little scared of how she did things but I found a nice little tag she had done and thought I would give it a try. You can see her tag here. Now I haven't been doing this altering thing for long (scrapbooker at heart) so I don't have what I could call my own style yet, I just try things out that I have seen and see what happens. So trying to follow someone else's style is a bit hit or miss you either get it or you miss by a mile I think, but I gave it a go and I don't think I missed by much!

What do you think?

I used a normal tag and stamped with a watermark ink pad, added clear embossing powder, then covered the whole thing with tattered rose ink. I then cut it with one of Tims on the edge dies, the end I cut again so I got two lines of holes, which I knotted together with some old  ribbon. The centre was made with a small house from the collection elements range, the paper it is covered with is also a scrap from them. The red centre is just the middle from a chipboard frame that I covered with fired earth ink. Then to finish it off I used a ticket I had and stamped it with Wendy's trend mark saying Make Art, only using the only stamps I had it looks like Make Ant!

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18 Aug 2010


So what is on my table today? not a lot, had a play yesterday as you can see if you look close on the white paper. I will be bloging about that tomorrow. I did the example for today's kids class  yesterday and had a clear up afterwards.  You can see my dogs toy under the table, I have just noticed it. There is not a lot else around just the normal bits, water, paper towel, basic tool kit, and a new tub of gesso.
So that's it from me today. What is on your table? do let us see just click on the WOYWW link to the right of this post and join in the fun.

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16 Aug 2010

A big thank you and a little moan...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I am feeling a little better, still not done anything with the table yet though. I think the heat this year along with my diabetes just floored me for a few days. But I am on the mend and will be back crafting in no time. Talking about crafting........ I have been looking at a fair few blogs lately, when my computer isn't crashing that is and I have noticed a lot of people going in for challenges. Ok there is nothing wrong with that, I like a good challenge myself now and again, though I normally miss the end date! but the thing that is bugging me is the amount of people who make something then list about a dozen challenges for it to go with. Some of which are a bit tenuous. Now to me that just isn't right! Is it just me or do others feel the same? please let me know, and if you are one of the people who do this please let me know why so I can see your side of the coin.
Ok I have rambled on enough.

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11 Aug 2010


OK here is my table this morning.......

I just left it yesterday after I did my challenge project as I wasn't feeling to good so this is what greeted me today. The bag of leads was from my computer as is the screen you can just make out at the end of the table. Also at that end is the book I am doing with Claudine, then you have assorted papers from Tims lost and found stack. Various inks and crackle paints, my big shot and lots of baby wipes and water. I will try to get around as many as my computer will allow today and a few more tomorrow so I should have them all done by the weekend this week. Just a short post today should be back tomorrow.

If you have no idea what I am talking about please click on the WOYWW link to the right of this post and come and join us.

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10 Aug 2010

Simon Says.....

Things with wings..... So here is my take on that theme.

I used a page out of a grunge book for the backing covered with paper from Tims Lost and Found stack. The dragonfly was made by tracing around a Tattered Angels screen and cutting it out from the same stack. It was sponged over with Weathered Wood then topped off with Rock Candy Crackle. The words I downloaded from the net and edged with the same ink. I used the same paper and some scraps of cloth, and Tims die for the flower.

The small number in the centre is one I cut out from a scrap of bingo paper and added with glossy accents. I then gave it all a slight misting with a glimmer mist.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading,

9 Aug 2010

Just a quick post

Just a quick one as I feel I haven't posted on here for such a long time. These are the pages I did for August in the 365day Challenge, I am still going with this even if I am a bit late posting, I am hopefull to get this finished this year and keep on with it as it has been so much fun.

 Talking of fun, have a quick peek over at Simon says stamp and show its a new challenge site that started this week.

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5 Aug 2010

Normal service will be resumed........

just as soon as the weather cools down and my poor computer stops crashing....
I have just managed to reinstall windows 7 after the one I had informed me it was a copy, and in the process have managed to lose all my contacts. So please if you know me, are reading this and I owe you an email I have lost your address so please email me again. I also lost a lot of photos and other documents.

I am not doing a lot of anything at the moment, did I mention it was hot!!!! 46.6 in the shade last week the highest it has been in 60 years, so I am inside the house with the air con most afternoons. My craft room doesn't have air con, I was thinking about putting it in this year but as we are trying to sell the house there didn't seem any point. OK going to keep this short and might have a chance of getting it published before I go off again.

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