30 May 2011

Design Team call on new challenge blog.

I meant to post this a few days ago, there is a Design Team call over on Make it Monday So go over and have a go. But you will have to be quick as it closes on the 31st.

I thought I would have a try so here is my card.

I have noticed a lot of people using old music script to photograph there cards against so I thought I would give it a go. To me it looks like it has changed the colour of the white card that I stamped on to cream. I always use the same card for the base card and to stamp on as colours can vary so much so I know they were the same when I started. Just hope it will be ok.

Thanks for reading,

27 May 2011

Has anyone seen my MoJo?

Last seen heading out of my craft room door over a week ago.

It all started with me getting a Net Book while I was in UK, then my OH's laptop died a week after I got back. So we have almost reversed roles, where I would go to my craft room check my emails then have a play and see what happens, now the OH is using my desktop in my craft room and I just sit in the house using the Net Book. The last thing I made was the sample card for last weeks class as I now cant get near to my craft table as my OH has dumped all my "junk" as he calls it from my computer table onto it. So no table equals no mojo, I just cannot get any inspiration when I cant get to the table. The only problem is that this is going to last until we can get his laptop fixed and that wont be until we go to the UK in June.......

Thanks for reading,

24 May 2011

A day in the life......

I was having a quick blog hop as you do whilst eating my breakfast this morning and came upon a post by Kirsty all about her day (click on her name if you would like to read it). So I thought I would give you all (or those who are interested) a look at some photos I took last week whilst going to get the mail.
My trip normally starts with the oh giving me a lift on his way to the office but some times I meet up with friends and we make a day out of it. The first thing you hit is the border. (Most people think of Cyprus as Greek but it has been both Greek and Turkish since 1974).

Some days you can get across quite quickly other times you can be stood there for ages.

You then leave the North and enter the South.

I love the old buildings along here, it will be a shame if they are torn down.

You then hit passport control on the Greek side at the other end of no man's land.

This view is from the Greek side. And you are now back in Europe with Starbucks, MacDonald's and the like. I just then nip up to the end of the main road to the post office and the art shop. I have done the whole trip in 2 hours before but I normally stop for some lunch or go shopping with the girls so it takes a lot longer. Then if I have gone on my own I come back by bus, so first its of to the bus stop.

Catch the bus and set off home.

The trip through the mountains is always breath taking no matter what the weather.

Hope you like this small insight in to my world.

Thanks for reading,

18 May 2011


I am so late with this today but that is better than last week as I missed Wednesday altogether!

So what is on my worktop today and what happened to the nice tidy desk I promised you all last week? I did manage to get my room tidy (but no photo) for a few days but then I started on the picture I showed on my last post and all the good work went out of the window (along with the cat after he sat on said picture) I am aiming to get it back for week 104 but who knows. So back to the table, I can see the card I made as a sample for last Mondays class or was it the week before? who knows I have lost all sense of time at the moment. There are a couple of my journals on there and a load of paint. You also get a good view of where I sprayed a mask missing the paper totally! The rest is just a total mix of junk I think. Must do better next week. Most of you will of been over to see Julia by now but if you haven't here is the link I love her new look.

Talking of things new Jacqueline has a new challenge blog and is looking for a design team so get yourself over to see her here at Make It Monday and have a go.

Thanks for reading, Cath

15 May 2011

Who has stolen time??????

I just do not know were time has gone this week. The last time I looked it was 4th May now its the 15th I have lost a fair few days. I think it could be that we have had some awful weather here this last week or so , so I just hide inside doing nothing. When I have emerged from my cocoon of quilt I have been working on this.

What do you think? I have been trying to do faces for a while now, I often do them in my journal but this is the first time I have done something like this. Her face is a bit grubby as one of the cats decided to sit on her whilst I wasn't around! The quote is by Philip Pulman in the "His Great Materials" trilogy, I just liked it so used it. I am going to try horses next!

Thanks for reading,

4 May 2011


I cannot believe that we have got around to 100 and that in a few weeks WOYWW will be two years old. So for this week as my desk has not changed much from last week, I thought I would repost the first photo I did for WOYWW on 19th Febuary 2010 my first post, though I had been stalking Julia for a few weeks by then.

I think I did a close up of the parcel I had just got as I didn't want everyone to see how bad my room looked! But I gave in and on the 7th of April I let you all into my room for the first time.......

Next week I will show you how it looks now....

For those of you that are wondering what I am on about WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST 100 WEEKS.

Thanks for reading,

1 May 2011

Colours Swap pages (photo heavy)

Thought I would show you the pages I received the other day from Amy. I colours I picked were Black and Yellow, for no other reason than they were the first that popped into my head, so here is Amy's interpretation for me.

This first photo is the outside of the pages, (they are made to be stitched into a book) on these she has covered the paper with paint they are very touchy feely pages, then she has added the hands. To see more about the construction of these pages go to her web site and have a look, you will find her HERE. (It is not an adult site so I am not sure why you now have to go through the warning but do look her site is worth a visit.)

These are the inner pages that I just love. I would never of thought to do anything like this at all.

I sent my pages to Elizabeth but in the rush to get them finished and posted, then packed for the UK I forgot to take any photos of them, luckily for me Elizabeth has sent me some photos so I can show you what I did. The colours she picked are White and Rust and the page size was A4.

The first page I made I used watercolour paper for the background that I sprayed with white pearl ink spray through a flower stencil. I then made up the flowers using zips that I had tried to rust, adding rusty lace behind them and filling them with small white seed beads. I added the flowers to a piece of white velum that has dragonflies stamped all over it and added the pipe cleaner stems. The flower pot is a piece of rusted material stitched on to the paper, I then added a dragonfly that is made from the pull part of the zip, silk worm cocoons and pins.   

On the back of the page I stitched on more of the rusted fabric to make pockets. I made up three tags one with the dictionary definition of White the other with Rust and the third as my sign in tag.

 My next page I covered with rust I scraped from some wire I found then added some mulberry paper that I picked up in Bangkok. I dressed the doll with some of the lace and fabric that I had used on the other page, added some hair and a few white gems and she was finished.

The last page is the same as before rubbing rust into the damp paper, I then added the words in white card to show the colours that I had used. I was running out of time by now so kept this page simple. As I was packing the pages up to post them I thought I would put them into envelopes to help protect them as I was putting other things in the packet with them, so yes you get it I then had to decorate the envelopes as well!

These I just covered with a mix of brown and gold paints and added strips of the same mulberry paper as I used before. They can now be cut up and used on other things.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pages and I haven't bored you to much.

Thanks for reading,