31 Jan 2008

Where has January gone.......

Ok so who took it? where has January gone?
I just don't understand what has happened this month, it has flown past and I don't seam to of done anything at all.

Just a few weeks and I'm off to the NEC for the trade show. This year I will have a better idea of what I want out of it. Last year I had only had the shop open for a few weeks so didn't really know what was selling and what wasn't, but this year I am going with a list and a friend who hopefully will stop me buying everything I like instead of what will sell.

15 Jan 2008

I just thought I would have a play with a new template, what do you think? I found a program to make myself a new banner the other day so I am going to have a go and see what happens.....

2 Jan 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to every one.

We had a great Christmas this year, we went to a hotel for a few nights and got spoiled rotten. They had this amazing dancing Santa in the doorway that we just had to dance along with.
I decided that as we haven't celebrated Christmas since we moved out here I was going to make sure we didn't forget this one, so I am about to bore you all with loads of photos.

This one was taken on Christmas eve in the dining room. Do I have a thing about Santa?

This is the view we had from our room, great pool just much to cold to use.

Christmas day we went for a walk down to the cove to clear our heads ready for the days festivities. This does not do it justice, the water was so clear you could see the fish and just wanted to get in.

This was the sight that greeted us when we went down for dinner on Christmas night. The whole place had been decorated in white and gold, it looked lovely.

OK this is the last one for now. It is of us both on Christmas night after a few drinks.
I hope you are still with me here, I have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year this year even without family about and hope you have too. I will save the rest of the photos for my Christmas album that I will show you when I have finished.