30 Jun 2010


I am so late today, first of all I had a class this morning, then lunch with some of the girls, then home to find that one of the cats is laying in the kitchen screaming so it was a quick trip to the vet with him.......

This is what my table looked like first thing.

I had been gessoing some boards for the kids class this morning and doing a bit of masking to show them how it would look.

Right I am off to put the kettle on then try to get around as many of you as I can. I will try to comment but I have been having trouble the last few weeks as blogger has been playing up.

Thanks for reading,

25 Jun 2010

Rain, rain, rain..........

Would you believe it last week I went for the mail and was complaining how hot it was! Well this week I just got back before the heavens opened....

This is what the weather is like in sunny Cyprus as I speak, you can see the rain bouncing on the pool and see just how dull it is. I feel sorry for the holiday makers as the national airline went bust on Monday so a lot are stuck here and then the weather turns like this! Then must be wondering what can be next......

Ok off to find the buckets ready for the leaks......

Thanks for reading,

23 Jun 2010


I made it this week, I just cant believe I forgot about it last week!!!!!!
So what is on my desk today? I have been working on the big desk just lately as I can now its cleared. So on my desk today is....... well not a lot as I have been clearing away after myself each time I work (wont last long) but there are a couple of bird houses I bought for a friend and I to alter, the Maya road book for our class with Claudine, a parcel I got last week and my journal that I have been working on the last few nights. 

So that's what is on my table this week what is on yours? to join in just take a photo and skip over to our leader Julia then link your blog its that easy.

Thanks for reading,

18 Jun 2010

Mad dogs and English (wo)men....

go out in the midday sun.

I can't believe the temperature here today, I went into Nicosia earlier to check my mail and as we drove past one of the banks the sign outside said it was 12:02 and 42 degrees! its only the middle of June what is it going to be like next month?

I don't normally comment about living out here even though my blog is called Notes from a divided Island but I thought I would tell you about getting the post. We have a post box in town not far from were we live and we also get post delivered to the house, but and its a big but we have to wait at least 10 days for anything to arrive, then if its not here go and see the manager and have a rant, I have found that to be very productive on more than one occasion. So with having to do this for a few years I had had enough, I have stopped sending for kits and anything else that looks interesting as they just never arrive. Then a few weeks ago I was just wondering in Nicosia (well going to the art shop actual as it sells a great range of other things that you cant get this side) and I was passing the Post Office so in I go. I asked the lady behind the counter if I could have a PO box? no problem said she, well I live on the Turkish side said me, that's ok said she.... We have over the years been told from "reliable" sources that you cant have a PO box unless you either live or work in the Greek side. So now I have a box in Nicosia I get my mail within days and so far nothing has gone missing.
Now to get to the box is a whole different story! I have to go to the border in the center of the city have my passport stamped and then walk from there,  its not far to go but it is straight though the center of town, past Starbucks, Mac Donald's etc that we don't have on this side of the island and with the temperature the way it was today they get very tempting.....

I have had a busy week this week with the normal classes and a coffee morning to help with that I totally missed this weeks WOYWW I cant believe I didn't notice it was Wednesday, I have gone from Tues to Friday in one leap, but hopefully I will make it again next week.

Sorry this is a bit of a ramble.

Thanks for reading,

11 Jun 2010

Some new work

 My friend gave me this the other day and said "what can you do with that"

 So I had a quick think, went off to my craft room and came up with this! what do you think? I haven't showed her yet and I know she doesn't read this so she wont see it.

 This is a bit of Crafty Individuals paper some Paper Artsy wheels a bit of embossing I did with the waste from my melting pot and of course a bit of Tim just because its there.

So that got me on a roll and I ended up doing this as well!
Again the paper is from CI, the tab from Tim but I am not sure about the rest, they were things I have found while clearing out.
Sorry the photos aren't that good!

Ok off out to eat see you later.

Thanks for reading,

9 Jun 2010

WOYWW Room update

Do you remember me posting this

and this.....

 Well I have finally got there and this is how the room looks now,

The main table I use when I do classes and the back table is the one I use for my painting. The shelves look a mess but I know where everything is, there is some sort of order to it.....

Just a quick post this week as I have a busy day today.

Thanks for reading,

7 Jun 2010

365 Calendar pages at last

I have got my calendar pages scanned and on here at last, I just don't seem to have the time at the moment. I have managed to keep up to date with them though, its just the getting them on to the web that has been the pain. I found if I kept my book by my bed these last few weeks I have managed to work on it most nights, much to my OH's annoyance lol.

So here are May's pages finished.

I love the look of the Stampotique stamps but don't own any so I thought this month I will improvise and draw my own! What do you think? I think they are not bad for a first attempt.

Here are Junes pages.

Now these pages are nowhere near how they looked in my head!!!!

I started off with the red as I had been using it on something else and it was on my brush, the ink was just an afterthought. It looks quite shiny in real life, then I had to find some paper to match. I found these at the bottom of the pile, they are some map papers I got years ago to do a mini book with and had some left, so I just matched it up with white and cream and some of the Making Memories gel stickers I also had for the mini book and this is the result. Not sure if I like it will have to see if it will grow on me or not.

Thanks for reading,

2 Jun 2010

WOYWW Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to WOYWW, if you are one of the few people left on the planet that don't know what this is then go and see our great leader Julia by clicking on the button on the side of this blog and join in the fun of snooping on other people's workdesks.

What is on my desk today? not a lot, had a play with some inks and sprays on the tag and have not got much further with the canvas. That's about it this week life has been getting in the way of doing much. I did manage to make the banner on the top of my desk and if you look close I changed my screen saver. The mold and pour I used with the BoBunny crown to make the black one that is on the canvas.
That is about my lot as I want to get around as many of you as possible this week.

Thanks for reading,