29 Sep 2010


Made it this week, I just totally forgot last week as I had so much going on! Sorry.....
So this week what have I got?
I stood on a stool to take this! I have been doing bits but have just not had any time to turn around this last week. I have started to alter a book so you can see a couple of pages that I have made as backgrounds, they were done at 3 in the morning, as I come down and work if I cant sleep. You can also see the edge of the blog candy I am doing (see yesterdays post if you are interested)
My label maker as I have been sorting! from this angle it doesn't look so bad, so how about this angle!

Now you can see just what a dumping ground my table has become this last week.
If you are wondering just why I am showing this to the world then got over to Julia's blog and read all about it, you never know I might be coming and looking at your work desk next week.

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28 Sep 2010

Blog Candy

I have been very lucky in winning a few blog candy's in the last few months and have always thought it would be nice to give something back to the crafting community. So as I have been doing this house clearance and finding so many nice things I thought I would share some with you all.

I have got together some bingo numbers, scrabble tiles, pages from a dictionary and a few things from the shop I used to have. They are a packet of fibres with a key, a tin of stickers ATC size, some money envelopes, a packet with a couple of word charms and some lace. I might find something else along the way. Now to get your hands on all this (if it is of any interest to you that is!) all you have to do is leave me a comment, If you would like to add me as a friend that would be nice but its not necessary. I will draw the name out on Sunday, and I will post international as I am overseas to most of you anyway.

Best of luck.

Thanks for reading,

23 Sep 2010


Ok so who just totally forgot it was Wednesday? How thick am I? So for the WOYWW crowd I will see you next week.
I picked up a few more things in my bin rescue this week, they were some Scrabble tiles the original wooden ones and a bag of round wooden bingo numbers. I am thinking as there are so many I might just put a few together with some other bits and do some blog candy. I will go and have a look and post tomorrow.

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15 Sep 2010


So here we are another week over, just a few weeks now until my first Grandchild! HELP (and I am still only 35! in my head ) What have you been up to this week? if you would like to show us just pop a photo on to your blog and join the ever growing list over on Julia's blog and we will come and have a look.

On my table this week there is a pile of fat quarters I have had for years that I have decided to do something with. I don't think I have said on here yet but we are going to Bangkok for Christmas this year to spend it with youngest son who lives there, and I want something to keep my journal and pens together when I am travelling. I was looking at Elizabeth's blog the other day and she was doing a book cover,  that started me thinking, I am sure I can do something that I can roll around the book and keep my pens in. We will have to see! Other than that its just my laptop as I have been doing committee work, a picture I am not sure about and a few mags that a friend gave me.
I am sorry I didn't make it round to as many as I would of liked last week I am hopeful for this week.

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14 Sep 2010

New bits from the bin

Here are a few more bits I saved from the bin this afternoon.

All the buttons were in the small purse. The cotton spools are wooden and the buttons on the card are very old. I loved the bottles, if you look close the small square one has mustard engraved on it. The boxes and tins are all empty but I thought I might be able to do something with them.

Thanks for reading,

10 Sep 2010

Blog candy has arrived

A few weeks ago I won some blog candy from ArtyJen and I finally managed to pick it up from the post office today. The only problem was I didn't know there was chocolate in the parcel and in this heat the oils from it have leaked out on to some of the other pieces, but it did smell nice when I opened it.

You can see the oil marks on the grunge board and the paper but nothing is damaged to much. I am looking forward to having a play with the bottle caps and stamp and I have not used metal before so that will be a first as well. I love surprises, even though I knew what was in this parcel it was still a nice surprise to open it. Thank you so much Sioux.

Thanks for reading,

8 Sep 2010


Ok that time of week again and what do I have on my desk?

A very old dictionary, a pair of old wood shoe trees and some old lace all of which I stopped going into the rubbish bin on Monday, and of course the cat on the chair!

So there is not a lot of crafting going on at my table at the moment, but I have got something going through my head that I will start later so will have to see how that goes.

I am suffering with a bad case of Lounge envy this week, I don't normally notice peoples houses in the "I wish I had that" kind of way, but this week I am noticing just how nice peoples lounges are. Now our lounge is minute you can get a 3 seat sofa across the back wall just that is how wide it is. And there is no space to display anything, so all the things we brought with us are still in the boxes they came in and that after 5 years is starting to get to me. (Strange thing to put on here and I didn't know I was feeling that way until I wrote it, I think I am finally cracking up!)

Ok sorry about the tangent I went off in there, I did manage to get around to every one last week but some I could not get to take my comments, so if I didn't leave a comment that is why. If you are wondering just what I am on about pop over to see our leader Julia, her link is in the side bar to the right of this.
Right off to get a cup of tea and have a play.

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6 Sep 2010

365 day Challenge pages

I have finally got around to getting my pages scanned and on to here. So here is August both the pages before and after

This is the first page of August, on these pages I wanted to experiment with a few different technique's. So I did a few different layers, some masking and some spraying all of which you can not see due to the squares for the days. Roll on next year when I get a bigger book for this.

This page I the same as the last but added a bit more blue and some stickers I had hanging around. I was quite happy with the layout until I added the squares so I think I will try to copy what I did into my journal.

These are just the pages filled in. I don't think I did much doodling on the pages this month.

And here is Septembers pages all ready to be started. I just covered the pages with a stencil and painted over it.

This post has taken me 3 days to do as my internet is playing up yet again!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading,

3 Sep 2010

Simon Says Stamp and Show your Layers!

So here is what I did with my interpretation of  layers. To have a look at what the others have done or to join in go to Simon says here.

These are the same pieces of paper that I had on my desk on Wednesday and all the flowers I had cut out! If you look close you can see in the centre on the clock I used one, so the rest I will save for another project.
Here is each part so you can see how it was done.
The first section of card was painted with a blue paint, then a layer of  stone effect paint was applied over a Glimmer Screen. I am still not sure if I should try and attach some chain around the top of the watch to the tag to join them! What do you think?

The next section was painted the same then I added a clock face from Tims lost and found pad a small flower from the pile I cut out and a stamped saying.

The last section was done the same as the first, then I added some stampboard tiles that had been stamped on then smudged using distress ink. The whole thing was then glued to a piece of garden net, the kind you grow your peas and beans up. And that as they say is that.

I managed to get around to most of the peps on Wednesday or Thursday and leave a comment, a few just wouldn't let me at all, so if you didn't get a comment I am sorry it was Mr Blogger playing up for me again.

Thanks for reading

1 Sep 2010


Here I am late again! but at least I made it.
So what do we have to show this week?
I have taken the photo from on top this week so you cant see all the rubbish at the end of the table. I have at least made a start on this weeks challenge, that's what the paper squares and flowers are for. As you can see the tags are still on the table waiting to go away as I never did get any inspiration to do anything with them. What else is there? my box of stampboard, you can just see I have stamped a few with some clock stamps. There is also a couple of small boxes with some other stamps in that I might use and a couple of distress inks waiting to be used. So I will away and get on with this and try and get around to as many as I can this week, I only managed a few last week so I will be trying to get to you all this week.
If you have stumbled on to this blog by accident and are wondering just what I am rambling on about go and see our leader the great Julia over on her blog the link is on the WOYWW logo on the right.

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