28 May 2010

Life got in the way....

 Of me doing anything crafty this week and most of last week.....
I started last week by going to the local Hospital and having a complete MOT, you know all the usual tests us women have to go through. I don't mind going for these as I know they are lifesavers, but I do think its a bit much when you go for your mammogram and when you take your top off the nurse says "oh big" she should of seen them before I lost weight that's all I can say. So this week I got a call to ask me to go and pick up the results. Now I know they were just ringing and telling people the results over the phone so why did I have to go and get mine? When we got there I was taken to the office and the doctor went through all the results with me, all had come back clear except my bone density, it looks like I have the start of osteoporosis, but at my age that isn't a shock.
I went from there over to the south side to pick up my mail, my new Craft Stamper had finally got here. Then from there to my Diabetic Doctor for my check up. Now I have not been since October last year and I knew I had put on some weight over the winter but I didn't realise just how much! the diet starts again today.  Now what else have I been up to. I went on a boat trip the other night with a group of friends, there was only about 25 of us on the boat so we had a great time. It was too late to go swimming but we got the most wonderful sunset and as usual I didn't have my camera with me. One of the girls has said she will put some photos on facebook so I will pinch some from there. Then last night we went to a band concert at the Governors house in Nicosia, again no camera, but I do have a great scrapbook page I did from the concert last year that I will leave you with as I have to go get ready for a do tonight.

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19 May 2010

WOYWW it's that time of week again....

Good morning to all you wonderful WOYWWers. There is not much on my desk today just a frame that I started a few months ago and found again, so it is there to get me moving on it. Not sure how my marvy pens got there as they are something I don't use that often. The one new thing that got dumped there last night is the paper bags. Out here most of the restaurants and cafes give you your cutlery in bags, they range in colour and style but last night we went to a local favourite and they had run out of the normal bags and had used plain brown paper bags. Luckily we are known there so when I went around the tables after people had left picking up the bags they didn't say a word, they just took them from me and gave me a handful of new ones. I am sure they just think of me as the mad English woman as there is always something happening when we go there.

OK I'm off to have a nose around if you want to join in click on the WOYWW button at the top of by blog.

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17 May 2010

Make and Take cards

I was saying on Wednesday how I don't put any photos on here of the cards I make as samples for the classes I do, so here is a few I did for the Make and Take I did at the weekend.

The paper I used was some very old All My Memories scrapbook paper that I have had for years, I just cut it up and used it as the background and the embellishment, then added a Magnolia stamp for them to colour in. The kids loved it as it was so quick and the result was so colourful.

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12 May 2010

A week already!

Good morning to all you Woyww's don't you think the time goes fast when you do this each week?
Well what have I been up to this week? I did my sample cards for the classes I do, but they are never on my desk on a Wed as the classes are Mon morning and Tues night, so they are normally in a bag somewhere dumped in my room when I get back. I am busy getting kits together for a Make and Take on Sat at our local garden show, so that explains the bright colours. I have roped in a few of the ladies from class so it should be fun. Also on the edge of my desk is a canvas I was playing with the other day as I thought it might do for a class in the summer hols for the kids. The most important thing I think on my desk is the card with the duck on the front, It is from my stepson and his wife and contains a photo of her first scan.
 The other thing I have been working on this last week is just a little something I did with some new papers and chipboard I got from Australia, what do you think?

That's about it for now hope I manage to get round to all of you today, have fun. If you don't know what this is all about go to the WOYWW link at the top of my blog and have a look.

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5 May 2010

WOYWW and Clock update

Its that time of week again when we all go and have a nose at other peoples mess sorry that should be desk;) So what's on mine? as you can see its not taken me long to get it into a state but that will all be tidied away today.

I have been working on the clock the last few days and haven't got around to putting things away yet. You can see it on the desk along with a tiny bottle of glossy accents, on the left are the remains of some rub-ons I used around the frame. Here is the finished item.
I have filled it with different things I had around me, the scrabble tile and number 49 came in a pack from the Artistic Stamper, the print out of the fairy and words are from Lisa and the rub-ons are a few I have had for years and I am not sure who they are by.

OK off to have a look around, if you are wondering what all this is about try the link at the right of my blog that says WOYWW and join in.

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3 May 2010

365 Calendar pages

Managed to get my April pages done and on the site before the middle of the month this month. I don't know why but I thought it would be good to do them all circles for April!!! My May pages are a painted background and then squares stenciled on to that. I haven't done much to the background as I like to do that as I am filling them in. So here are this months pages.

 I have just noticed that I missed a day in April, not sure how that happened. I wish I had waited and got a bigger book to do this in then it could all be on one page, but I started on this so I will finish in this book and get a larger one if I decide to do this again next year.

Thanks for reading,