18 Sep 2009

Page 1 and 2

I have just finished doing the first two pages of the Soul Journal prompts from Sarah Whitmire. I have had fun doing them but it was also a bit frighting as I don't like to let my feelings out that much. The Armor page I thought was quite apt as I tend to go through life wearing a suit myself, so people cant see what I am really like. On the whole I am finding this really refreshing.

only another 20 or so pages for you all to put up with.

6 Sep 2009

Back to school......

So the kids are going back to school, the classes are restarting after the summer break and things are returning back to normal!

I am still not sure just what normal is any more. I am told by my Dr to carry on as normal just watch what you eat, then I am told by the dietitian I have to stick to a strict diet not deviate and walk for at least 1 hour each day. Then I have a look on the web site and they say feeling low and unsure is normal!!! Its just as well as I am so confused as to what am I suppose to be doing? I asked Hal tonight just what would happen if I had a piece of chocolate? he doesn't know either. Its a good job there's none around yet, but it should be back in the shops again next month so what will I do then?

While this is all going on I have started to Art journal. It all started with Dyan posting about Lisa's altered art on her blog, I went along to get the Queens to join in a comp she was running and just fell in love with her work. I had a look around on the web and found Sarah Whitmire who does a course called Soul Journaling, so I have been making myself a book and cutting out from mags, its like a second childhood as I used to love doing this as a child. I am not sure if I can open up enough just yet as I have always kept things bottled up inside, but I have decided to build a new me and being more open is just one part of this process.

This is my first page in my random journal, it's not totally finished yet as I feel it needs more work but I'm not sure just what yet.