29 Nov 2010

Funny sort of milestone.....

With this post I have now equalled in this year the number of posts I have done in the last three years! How strange is that, I must be talking too much.
The first year I was just getting used to the idea of bloging and didn't really know anyone. Then the next year was a really bad year and I didn't want to say anything to anyone. I was still a bit insecure the next year as things were still not right, but this year I have just taken off and done my own thing. So it just goes to show how I can waffle on about not a lot when I want to.....

Thanks for reading, and staying with me.

27 Nov 2010

A few photos of my trip. (photo heavy)

I am almost over the flu I have had since coming back, I have now given it to Hal, he is in bed at the moment. So I have come down to my craft room to give him some piece and quiet, why is it the more you try to be quiet the louder you are?

 I thought you might like to see some of the areas we went.

This is the village were my Mum lives I just love that everything is there for her. I loved the colour of the trees when we got there. It had all gone in a few days once the wind got the leaves.

I love this Church and the colours again were fantastic.

It looked like there had been a wedding on the weekend before we got there.

Then on to the village green,

That has to have a village pub of course.

We were so lucky with the weather the first few days, it was cold but sunny, Then we moved on to Lancashire, we arrived late on the Sunday and this is what greeted us when we got up on Monday.
Snow on Pendle Hill.
I cannot remember being as cold as I was for that week, my sister in law has a large aga in the kitchen and I spent most of the time leaning up against it to keep warm.

But the real reason for the trip was our next stop, no not meeting Julia though that was great and I have the photos. I just wish I had had more time with her and hadn't felt so cold all the time, maybe next time.

No the real reason for this trip was to meet this little lady for the first time.

Here she is with her Granddad for the  first of many cuddles they had over the next few days.

And her Uncle Jon,
Then I got in on the act.

She is just a little doll loved by all of us, I just wished I could of brought her back with me, but she has to stay with Mum and Dad for now.
So that was a quick run down of my trip, hope I didn't bore you too much with the family photos but that was the whole reason for going this time. I cant wait for the next time now.

Thanks for reading,

21 Nov 2010

Back in the land of the living.

Just a quick thank you to those of you in blog land who were wondering were I had got too.
I arrived back in Cyprus late last Sunday night (the 14th) got up on Monday and went to class not feeling to good! but put it down to the journey as we had been on the go for over 24hrs. I came home and went to bed hoping to shake whatever it was off and got up on Friday! Not to sure what it was, I think it must of been a touch of tonsillitis as my neck was so swollen I looked like a hamster mixed with flu.
Today is the first day I have managed to get any time at the computer, I just didn't have the energy to go online!!! how ill is that? So I hope to be back with you all boring you with the holiday snaps over the next few days, as soon as I get them off the camera.

Thanks to you all and I wish I could make it to your class every week Julia.

Thanks for reading,

11 Nov 2010

Still here.

Just to let you all know I am still around just not been able to get onto the internet a lot whilst I have been at my Mums and while I was in Lancashire. I have managed to get a few good photos, including one from the bedroom window of the snow on Pendle hill when we woke on Monday! Yes it is b-----y cold, cant wait to get back to the warmth of Cyprus.
Off tomorrow to have a look at the craft shop in Tidworth and then arrange to meet up with Julia on Friday, I am looking forward to that.

Will post all of the photos when I get back.

Thanks for reading,

3 Nov 2010


So what is on your work desk this week! As you can see mine is totally empty and it is going to stay that way for the next couple of weeks whilst I go swanning off to England to see my Mum and have some serious cuddles with my new Granddaughter.

I will try to blog whilst I am away but if I cant I will see you all back here in two weeks.
For those of you and there must only be a few who don't know what I am going on about drop by our glorious leader Julia and she will explain.

Thanks for reading,

2 Nov 2010

October pages

What is this its only the second of November and I have got my pages finished, scanned and on my blog!!!
So here they are the pages for October.

I added some doodling and dots onto the pages and scribbled around the squares to add them all in.

Here is my November pages ready to start.

I liked the idea of red and orange as its bonfire month and I love these colours at the moment. I still cannot believe  there is only one month left to the end of the year. I have been out and bought an A4 book for next year as I am going to keep this up. I really didn't think I would finish this year but as I will I am determined to keep it going next year.

Thanks for reading,