6 Feb 2012

This week on Make My Monday.....

We have a new theme this month over on Make My Monday, and as we are in February it just has to be Romance. So this week they are looking for Love Letters, something with script or verse.

I am not to sure if I got this one just right! I don't have a lot if any romantic verse stamps so went with a Tim stamp that I borrowed from a friend to use on the heart. The background and the large heart were sprayed with pink glimmer spray, I think you can only just make it out. And the I Love You were done with my Dymo labeller.
Whilst I was doing this card I had last months Craft Stamper on my desk and thought I would have a go using the cover stamp, what do you think?

From this photo it looks as if the heart on the right is lower that the others, but when I look at it, it is fine! Anyway get yourself over to the Make My Monday blog and have a look at what the rest of the team have done and join in. This month we have a great sponsor so you could end up winning some brilliant dies.

Thanks for reading,

5 Feb 2012

I'm back............

Or at least I think I am....

So where have I been and what has been happening? To start with we had a major problem with the roof, the rain was coming in and just running down the walls. After a few days of this it got into the electrics so we had no power in the house. Some days we went from just power in the living room lights to having everything coming off an extension lead from the only socket that was working. We never knew what was going to work and when, or for how long. This went on for a couple of weeks, in which I managed to totally kill the big pc I had been using, so now I have to share my dear OH's laptop that has a dodgy battery so only works for about 10 mins if you don't have it plugged in. We had just got most things working again when the local power workers went on strike, so all the power was on and off at random times. It was off for about 22 hours one day, only coming on for a couple of hours through the night.This went on for about a week, then the day after this lot went back to work the phone workers went on strike and we had no internet, again on and off for hours at a time. In the middle of all this a friend of ours went missing, he just went for a walk one night and no one knew where he had gone. A group of us joined in with the local search party to try and locate him with no luck. He was found by a gardener 5 days later in a ravine were he had fallen and died of hypothermia.

So that was the start of my year, I am just glad January is over and I can try and get back to some kind of normality. I have managed to keep up with most of the projects I took on this year just not managed to get them on to the blog yet as I also managed to lose the data card from the camera, so I have had to try and download from my phone.

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2 Jan 2012

First post of the year.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and a happy New Year, I know I did even though we have water running through the ceilings in most of the rooms! But that as they say is another story and you came to see what the first challenge over on the Make My Monday blog is, not to listen to me moaning.

We are starting the year of with Nature as the monthly theme and this weeks challenge is Birds.

So for this theme I used a great stamp from Paper Artsy and covered it with Diamond Glaze. The card blank is covered with paper from the V&A collection by Papermania. I then added a strip of torn velum and some ribbon, before adding the bird on foam pads to give a bit of depth. I made a tag and stamped the sentiment from a set of stamps I got free with simply Cards and Papercraft a long time ago, made by Pink Petticoat. I hope you will join in and look forward to coming and seeing what you have done.

Thanks for reading,

31 Dec 2011

Last post of the year.

Just thought I would nip in a quick last post for this year. I was going to show my best bits for this year but I don't have the time to go looking. So I thought I would start off the new year ahead of myself and show you the pages I have ready for January.

The first year I did this challenge I did my month over 4 pages and really enjoyed doing it but last year I decided to do the month over 2 pages and had stopped by April. I think the book was just too big as I find I can carry this size with me when I go anywhere and fill bits in, as I love to add to the pages as the month goes on. If you would like to know more about this challenge go over to Kate's blog HERE and see what she has done.

Well that's me for the year, off to get ready and paint the town red. Whatever you are doing to see the New Year in enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

30 Dec 2011

Thoughts for this coming year.

I have been sat thinking about my goals for next year, I do not make resolutions as I have found I break most of them by the end of the first month if not the end of the first week, so by changing them into goals I have a lot better chance of achieving them.... I do know I want to get back into doing Kate's calender challenge (look here for this years prompt) I got as far as April this year and then gave up so this year I intend to finish this, I know I can do it as I managed to do it the year before. I want to concentrate a bit more on the arty side of my crafting as I do enjoy this, and I also wanted to join in with some of the postcard art that is going around at the moment, so with these in mind I am going to join in with Darcy and her Postcard Challenge for 2012. I am also going to play a more active role in WOYWW as I have been neglecting this for the last few months and I do enjoy having a nose at what others are doing. I have also been neglecting my blog followers, how can I expect them to keep following if I don't go and comment once in a while on there blogs. I have also noticed that I have not put one Scrapbook page on my blog this year, so that is something I will have to change as with a new granddaughter I have loads of photos to use. And also this year I am going to make more of my Design team position at Make My Monday and try and stretch myself a lot more, as it will benefit both the team and myself to try new things.

I have written this all down so I can come back to it at a later time and see just how well I did.

Thanks for reading,