25 Feb 2011

I love days like today.....

When you have a friend round for a play as she has a load of stamps you haven't had a go with yet, and you just sit and chat and play.

The tissue was stamped with a cog stamp from The Artistic Stamper and I still have more to play with, Jennie makes some really great stamps. And a bar of SUGAR FREE  chocolate. What more can a girl want..........

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23 Feb 2011


This is my table this week!

Not a lot as its full of paperwork to be finished by Friday as I will then hand it all over to someone else at last.
You can just see my Squeeze holding down a load of papers, I still use it for small die cut jobs. Does anyone else still use there's I wonder? Not a lot going on at the moment, I have the gesso out and a couple of boxes so we will see what happens there.
If you would like to go and see some other desks a lot more interesting than mine then nip over to HERE and join in the fun.

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20 Feb 2011

Work I have been doing.

A few week's ago I applied for a DT, and as I have just got word that I didn't make it I thought you might like to see what I have been up to. You had to make 2 cards, 1 scrapbook page and an altered item. So here are the cards I made.

Both of these cards were made using the PaperArtsy stamp I got whilst I met up with Julia last year.

 I know its not a new stamp but I love it. The scrapbook page was one of those ideas that gets stuck in your head and will not go down on paper as you want! I will admit its not one of my best.

And the last piece is a wooden box that I covered.

I also made a book to go in it to keep my ATC's in.

So that was what I had been up to, please let me know what you think.

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18 Feb 2011

The Winner is........

So OWOH is all over for this year and I had 117 comments which I think is great, I met some very nice people from all over the world. To pick my winner I used random.org  but don't know how to show it on here so you will have to take my word for it. The winning number was 59 and that is Ayala Art you can see her blog HERE So this will be on its way to you as soon as I have your address.

For those of you who liked this years OWOH you might be interested in having a look HERE for next year.

Thank you to everyone who came to look and to those who left comments, I did enjoy this, I hope you did to.

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16 Feb 2011


I totally missed last weeks WOYWW, just forgot about it! So here I am all shame faced today ready to see if you will take me back. So what is on my table this week? Not a lot!

I managed to get it tidy again after the last few weeks working on different projects. You can see my work mats, the glass one I managed to pick up  in UK for £5 when I was there last, a bargain I thought. The red one is a table mat from a local cafe but it makes a great surface to glue on as it wipes clean every time. The paper on the left is a sheet I found the other day in my cupboard. its from the Heidi Swapp Invisibles line. You know what its like you buy a few sheets cos you just love the look, then never use them because they are for something special! The punch and stamps in the middle of the table are some of the order we as a craft group put in to a Stamping up agent in the UK. Now is it just me are do others have the same thoughts on Stamping up, you pay quite a lot for the stamps and then you have to trim them and put them together yourself! wtf For what you pay they should come in a gold box, I know they are a good quality but there are better stamps for less out there I think...... Ok rant over, its just I HATE trimming stamps.

So if you have got this far and have not fallen asleep and would like to see other peoples tables go over and see our great leader Julia HERE and join in the fun.

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10 Feb 2011


Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read my last post, and a big thank you to the ones who have left messages. I have been off my computer for the last week as I have had an ear infection and kept seeing double as well as the room spinning. So I have not had chance to look around anyones blog this week, so tomorrow and the weekend will be spent doing just that. I did have a quick look just now at my blog tracker and one day last week I had over 100 hits, so again thanks. Normal or what passes as normal service will be resumed soon.

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3 Feb 2011

One World One Heart.

I have been meaning to join in with this as I think it is an amazing experience and its the last time ever that Lisa will be doing this.So to start with I will show you my door prize or as Elizabeth calls it my thank you gift. I just didn't know what to do for this as I have never been involved in anything like this before, but decided to give a wall hanging that I made a while ago but have hung next to my computer desk as I like it so much. I might add some more to this at a later date.

Now to tell you something about me! I am a 50 something who retired from the rat race early and came to live on an Island in the Mediterranean sea with my husband five years ago. I was originally a scrap booker but took up card making when I moved over here. I have since dabbled in altered art and having a go at most things arty.  So thats me, go and have a look at the One World One Heart site and join in.

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2 Feb 2011


Sorry I am late on parade today but I had to go and buy new batteries for the camera!
So my table this week is not much better than last weeks, but I have now finished what I have been working on all last week so I can start to clear some of the mess. Here it is in all its glory for your perusal.

As you can see the gold leaf is still there, it is now also in my hair, on the cat and on the light switch........... Must learn patience and not touch things whilst they are still wet! There is a stamp set that was not used and a set that was and now needs a good clean. That's about it as the rest is almost the same as before.

If you would like to have a look at more desk's that are probably tidier than mine go and see Julia HERE and join in the fun.

Don't forget the link in the last post about a design team call.

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1 Feb 2011

200th post.....

and its just a quick one. Have a look here for a call for a design team, but hurry it ends on the 6th Feb. The link is also in my side bar.

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