31 Oct 2010

Swap ready to go.....

A few of you have been asking what I am going to do with the red card! well here is  a peek at it after I had finished colouring it.

This is just a corner after I had finished painting and spraying it. It has now been finished and all wrapped up ready to hit the post office on Thursday.

All 11 of them, just waiting to go into a large jiffy bag and get sent away. So you will all have to wait until the 11th of December to see the finished product. I cant wait to get my 11 swaps back only problem will be having to wait to open them. 

Thanks for reading,

30 Oct 2010

Confession time

I just have to get this off my chest.

I am very sorry to all my WOYWW friends as I cheated this week and used the blog post I did on Monday as my Wednesday post. Now this may not be a big thing but it has been playing on my mind since I did it and I feel rotten about duping you all. I know its no excuse but I have had a busy week and I didn't have time to take another photo.


Thanks for reading,

25 Oct 2010

What's on my work desk today?

I normally have a good tidy up after the weekend of doing class kits and have not got too much mess on my desk on a Wednesday, so I thought you might just like to see what my table can look like while I am working!

Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Ok here goes..........

Yes this is the chaos that I can cause each week while faffing about in my craft room...

See you all with a nice clear desk on Wednesday!

Thanks for reading,

20 Oct 2010


Good morning to all you WOYWW bloggers, I have made it today. I am having to say sorry to a lot of you again this week as blogger would not let me comment on a lot of the blogs I have visited this last two weeks.

So what is on my desk today? 

My table looks quite tidy today just the few projects that I am working on. The book on the left is the one I will be taking away for Christmas so I am making a cover to keep it and my pens in while I am travelling. The small book is one a friend gave me to alter and the bits at the front are the beginnings of a swap I am in.
But looks can be deceiving! (If blogger plays right I will put in another photo of my desk here and you can see just how much stuff I have just pushed to the edge of the table to give me room to work.)

So there you have it my desk in all its glory this week.

I am hoping to get around everyone this week but it might be the weekend before I get to some as I have a friend staying for a few days. 

Thanks for reading,

14 Oct 2010

How late am I !!!!!!!!

I am only just getting around to putting the photos of my October pages on here, so how late is this. I have been so busy this month with one thing an then another that I even didn't get time to do WOYWW this week. So here are the pages in there raw state. I like to add to them as I do them each day as I find it helps to relax me. I also think of October as pink ribbon month so this month my pages ended up pink.

I started off by going over a template with ink then outlining it, then I sprayed the whole thing with some pearlesent acrylic paint watered down and put in a spray bottle. Then just added the squares, I think I have gone a bit smaller this month! I must of picked up the wrong punch.

I have got the parcels posted off from my blog candy so they should be with you all soon.

Thanks for reading,

6 Oct 2010


Yes folks its that time of week again when we all get to have a good old nose at other peoples work desks and see what they have been up to. If you would like to join in all you have to do is take a photo of the area you work in, post it on your blog then link up with Julia the queen of WOYWW over here.

So what have I been up to? not a lot crafty wise this week. I did a page in a journal but that is not finished. Its another of my working at 3 in the morning pieces. The other bits on my table are my Big shot that just got dumped there after my class last night, and the bags of blog candy I am making up ready to be posted when I get everyone's addresses. I am just waiting for Julia's and Elizabeth's and I know they both read this so if you could email me asap ladies I can get this lot sent out. I have just looked at the photo again and like the way the tree from next door is reflected in my glass work mat.

That is me for now, have fun on your way around and I hope to get to see everyone this week.

Thanks for reading,

3 Oct 2010

Blog Candy Winner.....'s

I have done the draw for my blog candy and the winner is..............


Thank you all for your comment, I have had a rummage so there might be a few extras in the bag for you. All you have to do now is send me an email here with your address in so I can post it out. Also note down if there any special letters in the tiles or numbers you would like also any pages you would prefer out of the dictionary, I will do my best to accommodate you but it will be first come first served.

Thanks for reading, Cath

1 Oct 2010

Still floating on air.....

May I introduce you all to Samantha Rose who arrived into our lives a few days early on Wednesday 29th September. I am still singing a old Stevie Wonder hit, but you have to agree she is Lovely.

Thanks for reading,