21 Jan 2010

Made a card......and a few pages

I decided I should start to put more of my work on here. And as I haven't got a decent camera so you will have to excuse the state of the photos.

This is a card I did for a friend's birthday.

I haven't made any cards for a while but I am going to try and make more this year!!! This one was made using a Magnolia stamp that I have had for years that I coloured in with watercolours and cut out the dress from the backing paper.

While I am downloading photos here are a few of the pages I have been working on over the last few weeks. Some you might recognise as unfinished, but I have been working on them.

This is a copy of a technique I was watching on the web, I didn't save the link which is annoying as there were other things I wanted to watch. (Found the link it here)

This one is one I have finished, I think!

This one looks a bit better now, I think it has more depth to it but still not sure.

Had great fun doing this. I wanted to try doing houses as I have seen a lot about at the moment, so here is my take on "Down my street".

So that should of put you to sleep if you managed to get to the bottom.

Thanks for reading,

8 Jan 2010

No Internet again........

Been stuck without the Internet again for the last few days, so I have been getting busy with my art journal. No photos as yet but I am enjoying it. I have also managed to keep up with the 365 day challenge with my art a day, but I will not be posting photos of that until the end of the month.
Had a great first class back with the kids, I must remember to take a camera to take photos of what they have done.

Thanks for reading,

3 Jan 2010

The Stamp Man Award

I have just added a link in my side bar to what I think is my best project of 2009. It is my canvas I did for a local art show. If you click on the award it will take you there.
If you would like to get this award just go to this link here.

Thanks for reading,

2 Jan 2010

Happy New Year

Ok so I am a day late, but Happy New Year to you all.

I got the first entry done on my challenge last night and I have added everyone to a list on my side bar. If you would like to look at what the others are up to. I have just been mooching through them and there is some great talent out there. I am looking forward to seeing what the end result looks like.

Thanks for reading,