29 Jun 2007

Too Hot...

It is just too hot to do anything at the moment. The temperature is in the top 40s and they say it is going to get worse. The shops in the centre were I work are going to start opening later and close at about 10 at night to see if people will come in when it is cooler. Myself I think most people will not be around until it cool's down.

27 Jun 2007

R.I.P. Gerry

We got up yesterday and noticed the cat was not well again, he had a history of this problem. So we went to the vets with him and left him as we usually do so they could see to him and arranged to pick him up later, as we have done so many times before.

Then at lunch time I just got a feeling that I could not shake off, so I rang my husband and asked him to ring the vet as I couldn't do it. He rang me back a few minutes later to tell me that the op went well but this time he just did not wake up.

I will miss you and your funny ways. The way you would sit on top of the cupboards in the kitchen and make me jump, the way you would be at the food cupboard as soon as anyone walked into the kitchen, even if you were asleep outside and the way you would curl up on my legs in the cold to keep warm.

Goodbye Gerry.

26 Jun 2007

I'm Back Home!!!!!

I'm back.

I had a good time seeing the family again and shopping but is great to be back home. I knew I would be like this but I had to do it.

I went to a new supplier whilst I was in England, well they are new to me. It was great fun going around the warehouse getting to see and feel all the stock before making up my mind, of course I wanted everything but I had set myself a limit before I went so I couldn't get too carried away. {The new Elsie books and felt flowers just fell into my bag at the end, along with the Rusty Pickle Princess transparencies!!!}

Well you have to don't you.

I will add pics to my shop site when they arrive.

So its back to work, pricing up the stock I brought back with me and getting ready for the refit that I should be having next week.

11 Jun 2007

I'm Coming Home.

I have booked my ticket and I am coming back to the UK next week. I don't know why I call it home as I have spent most of my life abroad, I suppose its because my family are all there.

6 Jun 2007

Not a lot going on!!!

There is not a lot going on at the moment.

My friend Ronnie has come over to live for a few months, so it is great just having someone to talk to that is on the same wavelength. I am suffering from a large bout of homesickness at the moment and I have lost all confidence I had in myself when it comes to scrapbooking. I have done a few layouts just lately that have gone straight in the bin. I am going to book a flight back to the UK for a week just to sort myself out. If I see all the family that will help and being in UK again I will soon want to be back here.

I was sent this photo of my neice and her boyfriend a few days ago and I think this is what started it all off. Where has the time gone where has the little girl gone. This is her last School prom as she will be off to uni next year. I just feel as if I have missed so much of her growing up.

2 Jun 2007

The Secret

I have been reading the secret the last few days and then found this great site. For the whole of June there is a online workshop called Scrapbooking the Secret.

I have also just found this site called Its a creative world. A great site for all things crafty.

I don't think I will have any excuse not to do things this month.