11 May 2009

Busy doing nothing.....

I always feel that I don't really do anything worth blogging about so there for this doesn't get updated much at all. But as I was sat the other day just thinking about what I have been doing the last few week's thought i should be blogging this or I will forget just how fun life can be at times.

So here goes......

St Georges day 23rd April You can only really enjoy being British when you don't live in the UK, we had a great night with friends eating Brown Windsor Soup followed by Steak and Kidney pudding then Apple Pie. I was a bit upset as the original menu had said Spotted Dick and custard one of my all time favourites.

Rhythm of Life 30th April to 2nd May I got roped into doing the follow spot for this show as Hal was doing the lighting and wanted someone he could trust to help, I just think he wanted some one he could shout at!!! lol It was a great show covering a lot of differing songs, from pop to opera. This was on at the same time as the local flower show (the joys of living abroad....). On the Saturday I ended up demoing all day at the flower shoe then on the the Rhythm of life on the night, mind you we had a great time at the after show party and rolled in at about 3 in the morning. Then up and back to the Flower show the next day to help out.
The rest of the week was spent trying to catchup on myself, I had my normal classes on Wednesday and Saturday but as the woman who normally teaches is away for a month I am doing all the teaching for the next few weeks.

Then on to Turtlebury this last Friday. It was advertised as 3 acts 2 groups and a fire eater, well the customs at the boarder wouldn't let the fire eater bring her fuel over in to this side of the island so that was one joy we had to do with out. But they managed to get another group so we still had plenty to watch, and what a fun night it was.... It started with a group that have not long been together but they did OK, then it was a group from the south of the island and they were great. Not the normal kind of music they play here a lot more modern and up to date. I would like to see more of them if I got chance. And then came the local band everyone had been waiting for and the dance floor was packed, I don't think I have dances so much in ages, It was great to feel the music again I didn't know just how much I had missed the feel of live music.

So lets see what this next week brings.

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