27 Aug 2009

Diabetes sucks...... long boring post

OK were do I start with this one? I went to the doctors a few weeks ago just for a check up as I hadn't been for 4 years and she sent me for blood tests as part of the check-up, so the next morning I go to the local lab give blood and wait to go back at lunch time for the results.
Wrong, I get a phone call from the lab to ask if I know that my Thyroid was not working as it should, yes that's OK I know all about that Iv had that for years now. So then she says do you also know your a Diabetic! wtf No says I, OK says she, I suggest you see a specialist as soon as you can. When I pick up the printouts from my tests my blood sugar is 460 when it should be between 75-110. So the next few days were spent on the phone trying to get an emergency appointment.
I manage to get in to one of the top Doctors as it is an emergency and go and see him a couple of days later. (While I am waiting for my appointment Hal has me on chicken and salad only.) When I get there on the wall in the waiting room is a nice poster telling you the main symptoms of Diabetes, drinking and peeing more, now I live in the Med were its 35 most days so who isn't drinking and peeing more at the moment! but the last one was the one that got me, did you know loosing weight is a sign as well? I know I didn't. I have been loosing weight, almost 4st since Christmas, but I just put that down to stress.
Anyway I gets in to see the Doc he has a look at my results and puts me on a load of tablets. (Now up until this point I had been feeling fine enjoying the summer with the ice cream and milkshakes.) He also sends me to see the Dietitian, so off I trot like a good patient that I am to make an appointment. When I get there, Its the Doctor will see you now........ Now I don't know how you feel but I hate talking about my weight with anyone especially a Doctor. Now this guy is good he sits me down and starts to ask about me how I am feeling and what I like and don't like to eat, everything is going fine. Then he asks me to stand against the wall to check how tall I am, then he gets me to stand on this really weird set of scales. This machine has handles that you hold and it passes a currant through you to check your BMI and fat placement. When I get off he gets a print out off the computer and starts telling me about the different areas of my body. By this time I am in that place you go to when Doctors are telling you things you don't want to hear, but my ears prick up when he says my body mass is 46% fat and I have the body of a 64 year old. Now I am starting to feel pretty shitty with things and this is just the start.
I have a few days of taking the tablets and checking my blood, its just like a game really as nothing is any different and then the hypos start.
I have now gone from someone who was quite happy with life eating and drinking what she wanted and loosing weight to someone who has to watch everything that she eats take tablets everyday and keeps keeling over with the lack of sugar. Isn't life grand as someone once said.
So that's been my life the last few weeks. I have managed to stop taking one of the tablets so the hypos are getting less and I am getting my levels down, but I am just so bored of having to think all the time about what I eat and when but I am told it will get better and I will get used to it.

If you have made it to the end thanks for reading and I hope I didn't bore you too much.

Can you see the difference?

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Thinking of you!
///Susanne in Lapta