14 Oct 2010

How late am I !!!!!!!!

I am only just getting around to putting the photos of my October pages on here, so how late is this. I have been so busy this month with one thing an then another that I even didn't get time to do WOYWW this week. So here are the pages in there raw state. I like to add to them as I do them each day as I find it helps to relax me. I also think of October as pink ribbon month so this month my pages ended up pink.

I started off by going over a template with ink then outlining it, then I sprayed the whole thing with some pearlesent acrylic paint watered down and put in a spray bottle. Then just added the squares, I think I have gone a bit smaller this month! I must of picked up the wrong punch.

I have got the parcels posted off from my blog candy so they should be with you all soon.

Thanks for reading,


Deezines Art said...

Lovely pink pages - I like your template too - Jacqueline xx.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Cath, the pages look lovely, love the colour. I've just had to get my flower stencil out to see if it's the same as yours hehe It's not, but very similar.
Thanks for popping by :-)
Anne x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh gorgous Cath - love that you took the time to outline the stencil; like Anne, I just checked to see if I've got one as lovely as that!
Seriously if you're going to be in this neck of the woods -let me know if you have 5 minutes! The shop is in Tidworth, Hants..another border line Wiltshire town!

Kirsty.a said...

I've just received my fab Blog Candy. Thank you so much. The little envelopes and 'Learn' charms will be perfect for my Document September page, when I get around to it and I love the cute tins of stickers.The fibres and lace will be a really interesting challenge, as I rarely use fabrics or ribbons on my pages, but I need someone to move house or turn 21 NOW, so I can make a card with the key. Yummy selection. Thank you again.

Sherry said...

Just popped by Cath to find your email details. I've just sent you an email - the blog candy prize arrived this morning!!! Thank you x

Jenny Hillandatree said...

Lovely colours in this, so delicate and fresh.