18 Feb 2011

The Winner is........

So OWOH is all over for this year and I had 117 comments which I think is great, I met some very nice people from all over the world. To pick my winner I used random.org  but don't know how to show it on here so you will have to take my word for it. The winning number was 59 and that is Ayala Art you can see her blog HERE So this will be on its way to you as soon as I have your address.

For those of you who liked this years OWOH you might be interested in having a look HERE for next year.

Thank you to everyone who came to look and to those who left comments, I did enjoy this, I hope you did to.

Thanks for reading,


Ayala Art said...

yaay! this is great!

Ayala Art said...
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thekathrynwheel said...

Well done to Alaya! Lucky girl! And well done to you - 117 comments is amazing!