7 Apr 2011

What's not on my desk Thursday.....

OK so I totally missed this weeks WOYWW, but I had taken a photo so I will show you all that I can tidy up some times.

And this is how it will stay for the next few weeks as I am flying to UK tomorrow. I am hoping when I get back it will be covered again with lots of new stash......

Have fun whilst I am gone, I will try and get on here but Mum doesn't have the internet so I have to use the library computers while I stay with her, so it might be a while till I can post again.

Thanks for reading,


Sheilagh said...

That space is just begging for new stash;) Have a good time at your mums. Where does she live?


akilli melek said...

hope you have a great time in UK Cath, and hope you enjoy craft shopping. I head off in 2 weeks so counting the days til i get some real craft shopping done lol.