5 Feb 2012

I'm back............

Or at least I think I am....

So where have I been and what has been happening? To start with we had a major problem with the roof, the rain was coming in and just running down the walls. After a few days of this it got into the electrics so we had no power in the house. Some days we went from just power in the living room lights to having everything coming off an extension lead from the only socket that was working. We never knew what was going to work and when, or for how long. This went on for a couple of weeks, in which I managed to totally kill the big pc I had been using, so now I have to share my dear OH's laptop that has a dodgy battery so only works for about 10 mins if you don't have it plugged in. We had just got most things working again when the local power workers went on strike, so all the power was on and off at random times. It was off for about 22 hours one day, only coming on for a couple of hours through the night.This went on for about a week, then the day after this lot went back to work the phone workers went on strike and we had no internet, again on and off for hours at a time. In the middle of all this a friend of ours went missing, he just went for a walk one night and no one knew where he had gone. A group of us joined in with the local search party to try and locate him with no luck. He was found by a gardener 5 days later in a ravine were he had fallen and died of hypothermia.

So that was the start of my year, I am just glad January is over and I can try and get back to some kind of normality. I have managed to keep up with most of the projects I took on this year just not managed to get them on to the blog yet as I also managed to lose the data card from the camera, so I have had to try and download from my phone.

Thanks for reading,


Kirsty.a said...

What a nightmare month.Especially to hear about your dfriend - what a horrid way to die. Glad you are getting back to some sort of normality. Hope 2012 improves for you

Fliss said...

Glad to have you back Cath and so sorry to read of all your troubles.
So shocked to hear about your friend too, what an awful thing to happen.
Hoping the year gets better from now on.
Sending hugs, Fliss xx

Mynnette said...

We've missed you, so I'm glad you're back! I just wish all these NOT so good...ok, HORRIBLE, things hadn't happened! Glad you're sorting them out--hope it's a quicker fix! :)