30 Dec 2011

Thoughts for this coming year.

I have been sat thinking about my goals for next year, I do not make resolutions as I have found I break most of them by the end of the first month if not the end of the first week, so by changing them into goals I have a lot better chance of achieving them.... I do know I want to get back into doing Kate's calender challenge (look here for this years prompt) I got as far as April this year and then gave up so this year I intend to finish this, I know I can do it as I managed to do it the year before. I want to concentrate a bit more on the arty side of my crafting as I do enjoy this, and I also wanted to join in with some of the postcard art that is going around at the moment, so with these in mind I am going to join in with Darcy and her Postcard Challenge for 2012. I am also going to play a more active role in WOYWW as I have been neglecting this for the last few months and I do enjoy having a nose at what others are doing. I have also been neglecting my blog followers, how can I expect them to keep following if I don't go and comment once in a while on there blogs. I have also noticed that I have not put one Scrapbook page on my blog this year, so that is something I will have to change as with a new granddaughter I have loads of photos to use. And also this year I am going to make more of my Design team position at Make My Monday and try and stretch myself a lot more, as it will benefit both the team and myself to try new things.

I have written this all down so I can come back to it at a later time and see just how well I did.

Thanks for reading,


Sherry Edwards said...

Good luck with all your new year goals Cath - I'm hopeless with resolutions too so don't even bother thinking about them now! I really must make an effort to lose weight though .... just need to finish off all the Christmas goodies first!

Happy New Year to you - all the best for 2012 xx

Mynnette said...

Fabulous, Cath! I never make any resolutions, either. I decided a few years ago that my goal for LIFE would be to just do a little better each day. That's hard enough for me! Good luck on your goals--I know you'll shine! :)