10 Jul 2007

All my own work

I have started doing Dolly's online class called All my own work. I am using a small 6x6 album for this class, as I have got one hanging around and all my layouts are a lot bigger than that.

I have enjoyed doing these first pages.

The one on the left is some of the brands I stock, the idea for the layout came from the All about me album I got sent from America.

The right side is just a tongue in cheek take on what I think about by work. I think the photos might be a bit big if you click on them as I am still not sure just how to do all of this.

I now have to write a job description! that should be fun. I will keep you posted as to how this comes along.


Jennifer said...

Love your work album so far ... sounds like you have a fab job!

Scrapdolly said...

I am so pleased you are playing along and I love your book so far.

You have no idea how excited I am that people are joining in - and joining in from all round the world too.

Beckie said...

What a great idea Cath.
Thanks so much for popping by my blog! LMAO at your comment!!! Your too sweet :)

Kate said...

Hi Cath. You are working too hard on your Dolly book. Stop it at once and blog some more! I tagged you, so you have no excuse! (Apologies if you hate that kind of thing. Don't do it if you don't want to.)
Okay - back to your Work Book!! xx