21 Jul 2007

Harry Potter!!!!

OK so how sad am I! waiting up to get the new book.

We were invited to a party at our local and only english bookshop for the last book. It was a good night, we won the prize for the best adult costume but you will have to wait to see the photos as we forgot to take our camera with us. The book was released at midnight in the UK but that meant we had to wait until 2:00am to get ours, so if you hear any funny noises its me asleep on the keyboard, But I did manage the first 12 pages while we were waiting for the taxi home.
I hope it lives up to the hype, but only time will tell.


Yummers! said...

I wish I had started reading the HP books in the beginning... instead have seen the movies. We tried to get waited on at one of our biggest bookstores on Friday, and the clerks were having a terrible time as the phone never stopped ringing due to all the calls for reservations for the HP party!
I hope you enjoy your book and would love to learn about your island!
Joni Possin

Yummers! said...

PS. I just went back and read your profile. Stop at my site and see the dollhouse I redid and some of my scrapbooking.

Kate said...

Hope you're enjoying Harry! We were away when we got ours and the weather was so bad we finished it (actually, it was great that we finished it, it was good). It's a shame that it's all over now - I read it to the whole family, and it was a great way of bringing us together. xx