22 Sep 2008

Im back........

Ok its time to dust this blog down and get it started again.
I have had a crap year so far but have decided to draw a line under all that has gone on and start afresh. So here goes. I will be posting on here at least once a week from now on and hopefully get some photos of pages made on here.

These are a couple of pages I did using the Scrapaholix kit from March. The photos are not that good as I copied them from a web site but I don't think the pages have come out bad at all.


Sharon said...

Glad to see that you are back, not sure what caused you to go AWOL for so long but hope that you have it all sorted out now and that the rest of the year goes as you plan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy. Glad to see you're up and running again.
Not sure if you've received your CJ pages from Heather, I do hope so and that you enjoy looking at them.We carried on doing your pages as we were'nt sure what had happened. Hope this next year goes well for you.

Heather said...

HI Cath

Sharon just told me you were blogging again. Sorry you have had a rough time. Been thinking of you and trying to get a hold of you. Let me know if your still at the same address, we had no idea where you were, as I have your CJ and would like to send it on to you.

Take Care
Heather x