10 Oct 2008

Back again.......

Well I did think all my bad luck was well behind me, that is obviously not the case.

This last ten days or so has seen me waiting for a designer that came over to get in touch so she could come and do a class for my ladies. not a word! When I eventually get in touch with her she had not got my last email so thought I had cancelled.

I went to a meeting with the local council and the girl who wants to take my unit to sign it over and get the two thousand pounds they owe me, to be told that they will see me again in 10 days as they haven't had chance to talk about it yet....... I moved out almost a year ago.

Then the worst bit of news was my Mother in law died. It was expected as she has not been well for a while, but Hal had been over to see her just a few weeks ago and see had seemed to be on the up.

I did get one piece of good news it looks like I and going to get my CJ back. I sent it out over a year ago but with the way my year has been I never got to finish a lot of the pages for the other ladies, so I thought that I wouldn't see it again but the lady that has it has been in touch and it is on its way back to me. Now I just feel bad that I didn't get to finish the rest of them. Hopefully I can get it touch with some of them and get them done.


Sharon said...

Sorry to hear that you have had more bad news Cath.

The pics of my completed CJ and the entries I did are on my blog if you want a look.

Take care

Kirsty Wiseman said...

sorry Cath, you know that. i was so up for it..... Im not a big drinker like most of my family so a night away fromt he rabble would have been perfect.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

and yes, that is the teeny mini book you would have made xx