27 Nov 2009

I'm Back......

Well I left this sunny Island in the pouring rain with a stinking cold and arived in a sunny and warm England. Its amazing everytime I go back its as if I had never been away, nothing changes. Or is it just me as I was wishing I could of stayed in England this time? Nevermind we all get off days....
I never managed to get to the show at the NEC as I was full of cold the whole trip, so came back with the same list as I went with, plus a few other things. I will have to find someone who will post UTEE and not charge the earth.
I took a book with me that I had bought to do some Art Journaling in whilst I was away. I just gessoed a few pages and painted them, and took a few pens and cutouts from some magazines with me to have a play. What do you think?  lots of them are not finished yet but I have been having fun with them.

I am still trying to find my own style, at the moment I am just copying what I see others have done.

I am off to hide now as It is a big holiday here today. The one where they kill sheep, so I don't think I will be going out at all today.

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FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well look at you, going great guns. I hope you're enjoying it. They're looking good, so keep it up.

Luv Dee xxx