2 Dec 2009

Not a good day today

I went out for our early Christmas lunch today with some of the ladies from the card class that meets at my house.And told them that they can't meet here anymore after the new year. It didnt go down well with some of them. But I have had enough, the rest of the ladies can just stop coming for a few weeks if they get fed up. I don't have that option as its run at my house and I want a break. I have a lot of things going on at the moment and I don't need any more agro. Its not as if I have stoped the classes I just want them to move somewere else so I can get on with my life and dont have to think about them coming all the time.

Ok moan over, It was a good lunch and we exchanged xmas gifts. I got a box full of glitter! all different colours and thickneses that will come in handy one day....

(Has anyone else lost the spellchecker on blogger or am I being thick at the moment?)

I thought of this page earlier as it seems just right for today, I think I will do a bit more on it now as I am in the mood.

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