29 Dec 2009

Getting ready for the New Year.....

I signed up to Kirsty's challenge and the next thing was to work out how to do this!
I had bought a couple of A5 sketch books while I was in UK in Nov, they were just on impulse as I didn't know what I wanted them for. I have also been looking for a descent size diary, but one I could doodle in. So I thought why not make my own diary and use it for this challenge as well!

First things first, I gessoed (is that a word) the pages (I just love what you can do when you have gesso on the page) then drew in a calender for the month, giving myself room to add notes and plenty or room around to doodle.

Then I added a bit of colour to the other pages.

Then added the squares I will be using each day.

With using a small book to do this I have had to do two pages for each month, so it works out that I have a double page as a normal diary page then two double pages for my challenge and a double page just to journal for each month.

I think it has come out well and I am looking forward to starting it.

Thanks for reading,


jackett41 said...

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ... Mutlu yıllar ... and a Happy New Year to you Cath.
Nice Blog.

kirsticoo said...

Just stopping by to say hello - I'm doing the calendar challenge too - have fun...x

thekathrynwheel said...

OOoh this looks great! Good luck for January! I have set up a Flickr Group for the 2010 Calendar 365 challenge group just as a place to share ideas. If you are interested the details are on the sidebar on my blog :-)
Kate x