7 Jun 2010

365 Calendar pages at last

I have got my calendar pages scanned and on here at last, I just don't seem to have the time at the moment. I have managed to keep up to date with them though, its just the getting them on to the web that has been the pain. I found if I kept my book by my bed these last few weeks I have managed to work on it most nights, much to my OH's annoyance lol.

So here are May's pages finished.

I love the look of the Stampotique stamps but don't own any so I thought this month I will improvise and draw my own! What do you think? I think they are not bad for a first attempt.

Here are Junes pages.

Now these pages are nowhere near how they looked in my head!!!!

I started off with the red as I had been using it on something else and it was on my brush, the ink was just an afterthought. It looks quite shiny in real life, then I had to find some paper to match. I found these at the bottom of the pile, they are some map papers I got years ago to do a mini book with and had some left, so I just matched it up with white and cream and some of the Making Memories gel stickers I also had for the mini book and this is the result. Not sure if I like it will have to see if it will grow on me or not.

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thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh cool drawing on your May pages - very 'Stampotique'! Love the background to June. I laughed at your comments about writing your diary page in bed - I do that too LOL! Almost half way now! Kate