6 Sep 2010

365 day Challenge pages

I have finally got around to getting my pages scanned and on to here. So here is August both the pages before and after

This is the first page of August, on these pages I wanted to experiment with a few different technique's. So I did a few different layers, some masking and some spraying all of which you can not see due to the squares for the days. Roll on next year when I get a bigger book for this.

This page I the same as the last but added a bit more blue and some stickers I had hanging around. I was quite happy with the layout until I added the squares so I think I will try to copy what I did into my journal.

These are just the pages filled in. I don't think I did much doodling on the pages this month.

And here is Septembers pages all ready to be started. I just covered the pages with a stencil and painted over it.

This post has taken me 3 days to do as my internet is playing up yet again!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading,

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