23 Mar 2011


Late on parade again, my excuse this time is I spent the morning in the south shopping with the other half and a friend. All I came back with was some tissue paper and a load of dog food!!!! Anyway what is on my desk today?

I am not sure but I think I am developing a "thing" for boxes..... as you can see there is a large wood box on the table with another two inside, also a couple or round ones as well. The book I covered with gesso last night and I will start on that this afternoon. You can also see a stamp I picked up when I went to the craft shop with the girls on Friday and one of my crafters workshop masks, you might just be able to see the Tim mask I also got on Friday hidden under the wet wipes and receipt. The rest is just a mess that I am determined I will have cleared by this weekend!

So now you have seen mine, if you would like to see more go to the boss's blog where she has the link to them all, its just HERE

Thanks for reading,


Sherry Edwards said...

I have a thing for boxes too! Collect them and store them - one day I might do something with them all - lol.

Sherry (109)

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh err, boxes...could be worse, could be useless dust catchy type items! Am late, so have seen the book finished - it's marvellous - and I love that you did it all without a shed load of Tim's stuff. It can be done! Love that stencil/mask you bought.