29 Mar 2011

Arachnophobia's please look away.....

One of the blogs I regularly read is Deezines Art and Jacqueline had a post about a spider the other day which got me thinking about the ones we get here every year. The first year we lived here I was a bit freaked out about them but they are just another thing you get used to living with, though I do object when they get into the house. I had a quick look through some old photos to see if I still had a picture of any and found two I thought you might like.

This is a small one that the cats killed, with the handle of my trowel next to it for size.

This is a bigger one on the wall next to the wardrobes in our bedroom! didn't sleep there that night... This one was about the size of my old man's hand, if not a little bigger. I just couldn't get him to put has hand next to it so I could take a photo!!! It was something I took a lot of photos of the first few years and just don't bother about now, isn't it strange how you just start to take things for granted and don't reach for the camera any more.

Hope I haven't freaked you out too much.


http://deezinesart.blogspot.com said...

Oh crumbs - I thought mine was big. How on earth do you trap them and put them out? - you are one brave lady Cath. Thank you (I think) for sharing these pictures and mentioning me on your blog - Jacqueline xx.

Kirsty.a said...

I'm not phobic about spiders, but that is NOT pretty!!