5 Aug 2011

My pages for Rita,

 I have had an email from Rita to say she has received my pages at last, so I can now show you the pages I did for her.

I started with a A4 sheet of blue card that I cut in half and painted Jade. I thought if it was blue to start with and the paint lifted at all it would look nice. I then found that I had made them about a half inch too small! so I used some of the paper I had set by to use and stitched a frill along the bottom of each page.

On this first page I painted a red area and then stamped a lady onto some fibres using my iron to fuse them and attached this to the painted area. A strip of the same paper was added to the side with a red tassel.

On the second page I used paper with an oriental theme of flying dancers. I took one of the dancers and set her in a frame with some clear sealer. Added a bit more Jade paper some oriental lettering that I had lifted from a sheet with clear tape and a red tassel to finish.

I then added on the back of the first page some more of the papers that I had used with the dictionary definition of Jade and Oriental as that was the colours and theme I had to go by. I don't seem to of taken a photo of the back of the second page, but that only had my information on so you wouldn't want to see that anyway.

I packed both pages up and put them into this envelope and then a normal padded envelope ready to post.

If you look close Elizabeth you will see I used the paper you sent my 12 days in on these pages as it was just what I was looking for colour wise.

Thanks for reading,


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would not have guessed this was the same paper until you mentioned it, but once I enlarged the photos, I realized and remembered.

Gotta love these pages. It's hard enough trying to keep a color scheme, much less one that requires an Asian theme. This is truly a gorgeous set of pages. I'm thrilled and delighted that some of my paper could be a part of this challenge that you made so lovely. Way to go!

Guess I'd better get busy with YOUR pages!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hey Cath, that map was why I posted those three photos. When I saw it at the Museum, I KNEW I had to take a photo of it. Glad I was able to locate it, because I was not really sure where Cyprus was until I actually saw that ancient map. I knew, even though many of the names have changed, the Island of Cyprus would not have moved (grin).

Halle said...

These pages for Rita are wonderful!
I sent your pages off today...a day later than I had mentioned on the yahoo group.