27 Nov 2011

100th post this year......

I have made it to 100 posts, that is the most I have ever done on this blog in one year since I started this in 2007. I almost made it last year but dear Mr Blogger decided not to post some of the posts I had scheduled whilst I was away so I only made it to 97.

I was wondering if I should do anything special for this and thought long and hard but could come up with nothing then a few weeks ago one of my blog friends sent me a blog award. Now I am not normally one for these kind of things but I thought I would give this one a go, so here you are a few things you didn't know about me...

1/ I have lived all over the place as my dad was in the forces.

2/ I was Akela to a Cub Scout troop in Yorkshire for years.

3/ I opened the first ever craft shop in North Cyprus, sadly I had to close after 18 months.

4/ Before moving out here I used to eat a tuna mayo baked potato every day I was at work.

5/ I worked most of my working career in shoes, but only own two pairs as I hate them.

6/ I retrained as a Life Coach just before we left the country.

7/ I live with my sole mate, a dog and 10 cats.

So the rules are I have to thank the person who sent this, so thank you Jacqueline I did enjoy thinking up the answers. I now have to send this to 7 others, so if you are reading this and would like to do it please count yourself as one of my 7 as I will not be sending this on.

So on to the next target.......

Thanks for reading,

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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh well done Cath - it's alot of writing isn't it! Ten cats, omgee you're going to be the cat lady!!