11 Nov 2011

Bits and pieces.... (photo heavy)

I will be glad when this year is over due to one thing and another. As you know if you follow me its not been a good time for me and the other day I added to it by dropping my netbook on the floor. I now have a very nice white door stop as we have tiles throughout  the house. I had just finished editing the photos I had taken when we had visitors, but of course I hadn't got around to backing them up, so lost everything including all the photos I have taken since April when I got the netbook. So I have had to go back to my old and slow pc that I thought I would never be using again. But I must admit with having to go back I have rediscovered some old photos of work that I havnt seen for a few years, like this one taken a few years ago of me in a dress!

And this I did for a local art competition about the girls who lived on the corner of my street.

 I must get back into scrapbooking as I do miss it. There was also some of other work that I have done just for me. Things that I did just playing around in my craft room like this, a canvas I did years ago.

A page out of my 365 day journal from last year.

A wall hanging using thick paste and die cuts.

A love design using an old photo of me.

A tag.

Another tag, think I did this for something but cant remember what or when!

And a try at art.

If you have got this far thank you for letting me just waffle and reminisce. I will be back to my normal self (whatever that is nowadays) soon.

Thanks for reading,


Suzi B said...

Morning Cath, sorry to hear about your netbook :o(
I've enjoyed sharing your reminiscenses (?spelling) and particularly your try at art..lovely face.

Suzi B x

Jacqueline said...

Hi Cath - great photo's but I'm sorry about your netbook! - Jacqueline xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You really ARE having a bad year. I feel so bad for you and your netbook.

It's always good to revisit old art. Sometimes I think I am no longer making anything good, and that what I made in the past is much better. Your pieces are all lovely. I especially liked the wall hanging with thick paste and die cuts.