27 Apr 2010

Back to normal.........

Well that is another play over without any major disaster's, so time to put my feet up until the next one in November.......Wrong.......

I came here to relax and unwind from the rat race and I have ended up doing more here than I would of in the UK, well at least I don't get too bored. I have been getting some cards done in my spair time for one of the classes I do , I will have to get them scanned in to show you, and I am getting prepared for the summer classes I do with the kids starting in June when they finish school. I must get air con fitted in my craft room this year or we will all melt like last year.

I have been playing with my new toy when I have had the chance over the last few days, Hal bought me a Cricut for my birthday and I downloaded Sure cuts a lot to go with it. It is amazing how much talent there is out there, the things you can download for the Cricut is just staggering and a lot of it is free.

OK back to the grind I am suppose to be sorting this room out but I keep getting distracted by all sorts of things, see you all tomorrow for WOYWW and this week I should get round to reading and commenting on most of them unlike the last few weeks. There was 100 at last look last week.

Thanks for reading,

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Julia Dunnit said...

Well done - it is hard work. I'd rather do that than run children's lessons though! See you tomoz.