1 Apr 2010

Quick Post....

Just to let those of you that have emailed me wondering were I had got to and if I was OK. I have been to England for the last few weeks and have no access to a computer at my Mums. Also my Internet was not working for a few days before I went so I couldn't let you know where I was going.
Thank you for caring.
I am behind again on my challenge so will post that over the weekend I hope... I did manage to keep up to date with filling the dates in, just I have not got April's pages sorted yet.
I managed to get lots of goodies whilst away so I will try to get a few photos on here. One thing that did arrive whilst I was away was my winnings from Jenny at The Artistic Stamper, and in with the stamps I had chosen was the most delightful tag, I will try and get that on here as well.

Thats all I have time for for now.

Thanks for reading,

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