18 Oct 2011

What a week......

this has been, we have had family over for a few days from Hong Kong and have had to do the whole touristy bit, but at top speed as they were only here for 5 days. Here is a quick photo run down of what we did.

Notice anything missing from this photo? It was a Cathedral but is now a Mosque so has had all figurines removed.

I put these two in just to show how the inside has been changed and also to show how the locals pray and the tourists just wander about! The photo of the carpet is for Elizabeth as I thought she would be interested in the whole carpet of individual prayer mats.

In this one you have Venetian walls, cannons from the 13 hundreds with there cannonballs, a Roman sculpture and a Coca Cola bottle!

This is one of the hotels at the dead city of Verosha, its been like that since 1974.

And then at lunch today before they left we went out for something to eat and found the large umbrella at our table was held down with 4 containers of snot!!! Sorry about the sense of humour.

Just a quick look at my week, sorry about the state of some of the photos but I have just downloaded them and haven't had time to edit them yet.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was quite intrigued by your tour of Cyprus. I had no idea about the history of the Island and still don't know that much. However, I read that all the cities in the north were renamed in 1974, and at that time, all the churches were turned into mosques. The prayer rug is really unbelievable, and the individual spots on the rug are a sight to behold.

I feel sorry for the ghost town with all the ghost hotels. It seems such a shame to waste all these buildings, which now appear to be in total disrepair. Thanks for taking us along on this fascinating journey through your country.

Kirsty.a said...

Interesring tour of your neighbourhood. The loss of Christian figures and the lost city of Verosha is so sad, but the living community amongst the history is fascinating. I've vistd the South of Cyprus twice and loved it. Would love to see the North