23 Dec 2010

Notes from Bangkok part one........(photo heavy)

So we made it after two flights and a stopover of 9 hours in Dubai. We were met at the airport by Jon and put straight in to a taxi so didn't get to see much of the sky line and what I could see just looked like any were else in the word other than the shrines on the side of the roads. It didn't take to long to get arrive at Jon's apartment were I promptly opened the blinds to see the view and what a view it was!

So got up nice and early the next morning to start exploring. Just had a look around the area we are staying in to start with then off to lunch with Jon, on the way I had a fall trying to get up one of the curbs, so ended up sitting on the pavement with a twisted knee, just the way to start a holiday. Jon had decided to take us to a street vendor near his office what an experience that was as we had know idea what we were eating, but it tasted good.

By the end of lunch I was feeling a little sorry for myself as my leg was starting to stiffen up but I decided to carry on and not let it spoil the day so we moved on. The next stop was Lumphini park next to the flats that we were staying in to see the Water monitor lizards.

This was as near as Hal would let me get as they can get very nasty at times.
Next stop was to have a look at one of the shopping malls, well a girl just has to shop when she is feeling down. We decided to go on the sky train, it was only a couple of stops but this city is not walker friendly at all.

I love the idea of the sky trains but they don't seem to of stopped the car users at all. The city is full of bikes, cars and Tuk-tuks small three wheel open taxis. We got to MBK in no time at all and started to look around, this was like no store I had ever been in before with a lot of small and large stores. It was more like a market in places but I soon started to cheer up with a frozen yogurt before we started to look around. I just couldn't last as my leg was so sore so we headed home passing what must be the worlds smallest Mc Donald's.

Arrived back at the apartment and just collapsed for the rest of the night.

So what do I think of Bangkok now I have had a few days here? The first thing that hit me was the noise, they don't shout but there are so many people and cars about that the noise is constant. That was followed very quickly by the smell! All the pavements have food sellers so you have that mixed with the lack of decent drain's and the fumes from the traffic, it makes a very heady mixture. The other thing I have noticed is that there is hardly any direct sunlight in the center of the city as It is covered with smog for most of the day, and with having the sky trains going through the center of the city there is no light getting to the roads below it as it is all solid concrete. If I had to pick a color to represent this city it would without doubt be Grey.

I will update again as soon as I can and post some more photos.

Thanks for reading,


Sherry Edwards said...

What an amazing adventure and experience Cath - shame you hurt your knee, hope it's better now.
Enjoy the rest of your trip - and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely photos too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a bummer. i know what you mean by putting on a good face and not spoiling the trip. It's even worse that it had to happen at the beginning of your vacation.

I like how you described the city. It must have made a huge impact on you, because your description was so vivid and colorful, I felt like I had been there with you.I can only imagine the sounds, sounds, and smells you will remember for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this adventure.