9 Dec 2010

Nov and Dec pages

Just realised that I haven't posted my November and December pages out of the 365 day challenge yet, so here they are.

I decided to go for the bonfire look for November with the red and orange.

The December pages are red but for some unknown reason they have come out pink on here. The list stamp would not go right as I have too much on the other pages so it doesn't stamp straight. I like red, gold and green for my Christmas colours so they are the colours I went with. I have highlighted Christmas day and New Years Eve with gold.
I have a nice new book ready for next year, its A4 so I can get all the days on one page. I understand there is an article by Kate in this months Craft Stamper about next years 365 challenge, my copy hasn't arrived yet so  its some thing to look forward to reading.

Thanks for reading,

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She said...

i would love to do a challenge like this next year:)

By the way, you have been tagged, see my blog..