7 Jun 2011

Evolution of a card....

So last week I made my first ever card for the new design team I am in. So what's the problem there I hear you say as I make a card a week for the class I run, Ah but this one is going on the web for all to see (and pull apart!) so it has to be just right, not that the other's are not right you understand. Here are the cards I then made.

I started with an idea to make something simple and let the red flowers (the theme) show through! So top left was the first, didn't like it as the red was not strong enough and the squares didn't lineup right. Next card was too grungy, the next I smudged. Then I finally get a card made, not quite what I wanted it looks too crowded. At last and two days later I get a card I am happy with, the bottom right card is the one I eventually went with. I know the red is not as vibrant as I would of liked but I like this card.

To see what the others made go to Make my Monday and have a look, whilst you are there have a go yourself there is a great prize up for grabs at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading,


Jacqueline said...

You know I get days like that too - except I'm not brave enough to tell anyone! All your cards look great to me but at the end of the day the only person we should please is ourselves and the card you went with was perfect. - Jacqueline xx

Suzanne Brookfield said...

I have days like that all the time lol:) I too thought my red was not vibrant enough but it seemed to work as your does too!