11 Jun 2011

I'v been RAK'ed

Just look what was waiting in my post box for me yesterday...........

Isn't it wonderful? It's from Bethan Evans over on the All Things Tim group as part of the RAK/PIF game. All I have to do now is say thank you and either do nothing or pick 5 people to send a RAK to. Duh I know which one I will be doing, as it felt so good getting something you are not expecting I want to pass that feeling on.

Here is a close up of the pen nib butterfly in the corner, isn't it great? I love how she has used corrugated card as the base and added paints on to that then stamped on top and the tape on the edge.

Will  have to get my skates on as I have a lot to do before we Fly on Wednesday.

Thanks for reading,

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