14 Feb 2010

Happy Valentines day to all......

I hope you have all had a very happy Valentines day. Mine started with breakfast in bed then a very lazy day not doing much at all.

I have been trying to clear out my craft room for the last few weeks as it is not used by the classes any more and there will be only me using it for the next few months, but I just do not seem to be getting anywhere fast. I really need more storage but its a bit hit and miss trying to get anything decent here. I am going over to Ikea on Thursday but there will be 4 of us in the car, and you get stopped at the border, if they see Ikea they take it as you are not allowed to bring anything from the shop into the country! but I am hoping to get some small things through. The main reason for going is to get some more card stock for the kids. I can get plain white but anything else is quite pricey and I get through a fair bit each week.

I sent for some bits from a new site I have found, its called The Artistic Stamper they were offering free international postage so I thought I would give it a go and order a few stamps and the Utee that I have been after for a while. I have had notification that the package has been posted so I just have to wait now and see if it ever turns up. I am still waiting for a few scrapbook kits I have ordered over the years. I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks for reading,

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