26 Feb 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain......

This is what greets you as you step out of our courtyard today......

Over 5cms of water to wade through to get to the road. I should not complain though as a lot of places have had worse. Most of the roads out of town are closed and the main road up the mountain has had a land slip so I'm not sure how Hal will get home tonight. The local council has setup a Crises center in town but I'm not to sure just what good that will do! So just what can I do? stay in keep warm by the fire and journal, that's all I can do at the moment.

I didn't show you the bits I got when we went south the other day so here they are.

I managed to get a few of Tim's bits but nothing I had on the list I went with. I also managed to get a pine frame at Ikea to alter so I will show you that when its done.

Ok its just getting to cold out here in the craft room, I am going to move into the house.

Thanks for reading,


Lottie said...

Hope the rains stops soon - and congratulation on winning Jennie's blog candy - that is sure to cheer you up


Jennie said...

theer is a little gift for you on my blog :)