19 Feb 2010


So what does that stand for some of you might ask? It's Whats on your workdesk Wednesday, and I have been following a few of the folk on there for a while do go and have a look here its great fun. So this week I was busy with the ladies in the classroom, then had to go to the house for something and what did I see lying on the floor by the courtyard gate? a parcel! Yes its the one I sent for last week, now those of you who do not live here will not understand the excitement this caused, first of all I only sent for the items the week before and got notification that they had been sent on the Thursday and to get them the following Wednesday is unheard of. You normally have to wait at least two weeks and then start chasing them to find out where it has gone. So this week this is what is on my desk.....

Thank you so much to the lovely people at The Artistic Stamper for making my day and for the incredible service, I will be using you again and so will my friends.

Thanks for reading,


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well excellent service indeed. Even if a parcel comes within a couple days, it's still exciting.

Enjoy your goodies.

Luv Dee xxx

Jennie said...

I missed this post, so very pleased it turned up safe :)